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Jaswanth Jayapaul

Basically a graphic overload and pain in the eye..Very badly executed movie by shankar(thought he was much better than this) DONT TRY YOUR GRAPHIC MOVIES EVER AGAIN. I Got a head ache watching this movie (more)


Badri Shah

A good message but a not a worth in making anyway for Rajini fans its a treat to watch nd enjoy it. Akshay Kumar scores well. I love Pullinangal song very much. Amy Jackson does her character very well. Overall a good entertainer to watch (more)


Maestro Manohar

The screenplay slows at some places,but vision of Shankar sir is incredible.The SUPERSTAR pulls off each character with ease but 2.0 walks away with the cake. Akshay was fabulous as pakshi rajan. The visuals are outstanding and sound effects add icing on the cake. Watch it in 3d.Go for it (more)


Bubblo Sheikh

I feel to say this movie stands the best effort of director Shankar and Akshay done a fabulous work on his role worth of expenditure they made on 2.0.Congrats for whole cast and crew (more)


Arun Sundar

I think Shankar has lost it as a filmmaker...can watch for his vision. Second half dry screenplay lacking in energy. Nothing much in terms of petformances either. Marginally better than I. (more)


Swarrnraj Raj

Movie vera leval......Blockbuster.....Shanker sir hats off (more)