Phani bharat

  1. 2.0 U/A

    2.0 - a unique sci-fi thriller and by far the best superhero movie of indian cinema.
    Movie starts very well with interestung title cards and excellent bgm. Akshay kumar suicides to a cell tower. Later few students go to vaseegarans lab and thereafter cell phones fly away from hands of people. Also some murders take place. Though these cell phones mayhem is visually stunning it is somewhat boring. Also cell phones mayhem become repetitive. But 20mins before interval to interval movie is pure Hollywood stuff. Those scens came out very well. First half is decent with interesting and boring scenes in equal proportion. VFX is very good. 
    Second half opens with AK flashback. Undoubtedly this is the best part in the movie. Though it is not that emotional like shankar previous movies it is good enough. After flashback movie again turns into action mode. Scenes after flashback are very interesting. But last 40mins(from entry of 2.o to AK death) VFX is on par with Hollywood. Action stunts and scenes are ultimately extraordinary with shankar imaginatio 
    going wild. Also the surprise worked well. At end we get message about birds saving. At the end titles yantara lokapu sundarive song comes which is excellently choreographed which is one of its kind. At the the end we get hint of sequel
     +Ve : second half , spectacular VFX , 20mins before interval to interval , shankar imagination and direction , Akshay Kumar and his flashback , rajinikanth,Hollywood level climax , message and ar rahman goosebumps bgm
    -ve: weak story, repetitiveness in 1st half , missing emotional depth, lack of commercial elements.
    Rating: 3.25/5  


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