Enemy Review - A predictable tiff taking place in a comfort zone.

PUBLISHED DATE : 04/Nov/2021

Enemy Review - A predictable tiff taking place in a comfort zone.

Enemy Tamil Movie Review - A predictable tiff taking place in a comfort zone.


Director Anand Sankar’s Enemy starring Vishal and Arya in the lead, as expected is a game of cat & mouse played conveniently in a comfort zone. 

Vishal as Cholan plays the “good” while Arya as Rajiv takes the ”evil” spot. This good vs evil action thriller is extremely predictable. The story is about two high school boys’ rivalry and their unexpected meet after 25 years. How do Cholan & Rajiv attend to this unfinished business after 25 years forms the crux of the story.


However, one wishes that the incidents that lead to the predicted is engaging but loose ends on the writer’s desk cause the ultimate threat to the film’s overall experience.


The major part of the film is set in Singapore but it almost feels like it is set in a fantasy city that seems to revolve around only the characters the writer decided to feature. This restricted scope makes you question the various loopholes the story casually offers every now & then. The film lacks intelligence in writing and eventually takes the viewers’ intelligence for granted    


Vishal & Arya shoulder the offered opportunity quite well. Mrinalini Ravi as the heroine doesn't seem to offer much to the story as her job has been restricted to the moves & tunes. Mamtha Mohandas, Prakash Raj, Thambhi Ramiah, and Karunas deliver a functional performance.

Technically Enemy is sleek and packaged aesthetically. However the issues aforementioned overshadow the well-executed technical part. Thaman’s work on the songs sounds a lot like how own work from the past.

Special mention to the junior artist who set the mood for the film in the initial few minutes. Earnest performances from the two boys offer a decent prelude to the film.

Overall, Enemy is like a friend who turns into an Enemy because he/she pretends to share everything with you but holds back numerous details which make you realize that he/she took your intelligence & trust for granted.



Despite the issues with the writing Enemy is a watchable affair.


Rating: 2.5/5

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