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A Predictable Tiff Taking Place In A Comfort Zone

The major part of the film is set in Singapore but it almost feels like it is set in a fantasy city that seems to revolve around only the characters the writer decided to feature. This restricted scope makes you question the various loopholes the story casually offers every now & then. The film lack...(more)

Source: Meera Chithirapaavai , MovieCrow


Vishal and Arya keep locking horns in this trite action drama, but we don't care why

There are a lot of questions you might get watching Enemy. The answer always is: He is the hero. For example, Chozhan runs a supermarket. How did he get the necessary equipment to break into a building Mission Impossible style? Answer: Chozhan is the hero, he can do anything! He can get planes to wa...(more)

Source: Ashameera Aiyappan, Firstpost.com


Verdict Vishal and Arya hold this middling action-drama to a decent level

Director Anand Shankar builds up the film with several interesting elements which makes the first half fairly engaging, setting up a solid groundwork for the faceoff. However, in the second half, the cat and mouse game isn't packed with solid moments to hold your attention. You pretty much know how...(more)

Source: Editorial Board, galatta.com


Neatly written action thriller

Director Anand Shankar establishes the core plot of the film in the initial twenty-five minutes. The writing is solid and organic in these portions. We can relate with all the main characters of Enemy from the word go! The two kids who have acted as the young Vishal and Arya are good. Vishal loo...(more)

Source: Movie Buff, Sify.com


Vishal and Arya's performances and action scenes keeps Enemy engaging.

The film's screenplay suffers from predictability but still ends up engaging us. Some of the scenes in the first half look out of place but have relevance towards the end. But since they are out of place, they look forced, and we know that they are going to reappear as references in the second half....(more)

Source: Editorial Board, Behindwoods.com


A convoluted cat-and-mouse action drama

Like a Deepavali firecracker that sparks for a long time, raising our anticipation, only to fizzle out, the film starts to fumble after this promising build-up. Anand manages to keep us guessing on a few occasions. For instance, just as we predict the film to be a game of oneupmanship between a c...(more)

Source: Praveen Sudeevan, The Hindu


Vishal and Arya star in a watchable thriller that is not boring

The ideology behind the film on how a child grows up to be a good or bad person looks interesting on paper, but the way these contradictions have been translated on screen through the situations in the latter half looks bleak. If the build up to this idea had been fresh, this thriller could have gon...(more)

Source: Logesh Balachandran, Times Of India

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