Market Raja MBBS Review - An interesting core but nothing else!

PUBLISHED DATE : 30/Nov/2019

Market Raja MBBS Review -  An interesting core but nothing else!


Market Raja MBBS -  An interesting core but nothing else!
Bharath Vijayakumar

Watching Saran's previous outing  'Aayirathil Iruvar' was one of the most exruciating experiences for me at a movie hall. So I was well prepared as I walked into 'Market Raja MBBS'. Few minutes and I realized that this was a slight improvement from his previous film but that was pretty much the lonely solace.
The film has an interesting core albeit not a very fresh idea. The soul of a timid doctor gets inside a crooked don and what follows is supposed to be a comedy. Guessing the genre of this film can be one adventurous ride. Saran keeps piling characters on screen and each actor keeps hamming it up but you keep watching the proceedings with a deadpan expression. The film's leading man Aarav gives you company in this regard. The film is about him and revolves around him and you wonder if a more expressive and experienced actor might have made Marjet Raja more tolerable. Saran usually has quirky characters fill the screen (remember Kalabhavan Mani as Teja in Gemini) but of late these characters come across as caricatures and end up irritating you. This is a film where the hero calls his godfather as  'Kadavul Appa'  and I am still scratching my head if someone in the unit really thought that this was funny! Actors of the calibre of Radhika, Rohini and Hareesh  Peradi are employed and they do their bit but nothing works. There is a scene where Rohini breaks down and this was the only instant where I felt any sort of connect with the film.
Market Raja MBBS is all about uninspired performances, outdated presentation and a random collage of scenes designed to test your patience. I passed the test but I am unsure if this is something for me to  be proud of!

Rating: 2/5


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