Movies This Week: New Releases put up an average show!

PUBLISHED DATE : 13/Apr/2019

Movies This Week: New Releases put up an average show!

It is one of those weeks for movie releases where quantity has trumped quality and hence the viewers are left with average choices to make do with. Here is a list of film options available this weekend:
  • Watchman (Tamil): The story of a man getting trapped in house with terrorists and a dog trying to protect the house's original owner is what watchman is all about. The thriller's main character is a dog and the movie can be watched once especially if you are a dog lover.(Review Here)

  • Gangs of Madras (Tamil): Another one-time worthy watch film, Gangs of Madras is a revenge thriller where a woman protagonist sets out to avenge the wrong-doings done to her life. This is a violent film with a lot of bloodbath and may not be for ones looking for light-hearted entertainment.(Review Here)
  • Madhuraraja (Malayalam)Mammootty and his larger than life portrayal is what the essence of this film is. While the movie may have nothing new to offer, it caters to the needs of a Mammootty fan and passes off as an average entertainer.
  • Chitralahari (Telugu)A story of an underdog who is trying to prove himself amidst a complicated romantic relationship is what this Sai Dharam Tej starrer is all about. The movie also stars Kalyani Priyadarshan and Nivetha Pethuraj and has been deemed worthy of a one time watch.


  • The Tashkent Files (Hindi): For a film that revolves around the mysterious death of Lal Bahadhur Shahstri, the Tashkent Files is not as engaging. The movie has been accused of being a propaganda film by many critics and has failed to impress the audience in any manner. 

  • Pet Sematary (English): A period horror film adapted from the Stephen King book of the same name, Pet Sematary is a horror film that hasn't worked with the audience as much mainly because of the lack of an emotional connect and its visuals not being upto the mark.
  • Hell Boy (English): Another Hollywood misfire this week is Hell Boy, which is the third film in the franchise does not come with a strong story-line. The film is violent and graphic and there is very little that is offered other than that.

Other films available in theaters this week are Nandha starrer Zhagaram (Tamil) which is a story of youngsters going in search of hidden treasure, the Oscar, BAFTA winning Free Solo (English) which is in India for the first time and Justin Baldoni directed Five Feet Apart (English) starring Cole Sporuse and Haley Lu. 

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