Kanne Kalaimaane Review - A neat rural drama that is fairly affecting!

PUBLISHED DATE : 23/Feb/2019

Kanne Kalaimaane Review - A neat rural drama that is fairly affecting!


Kanne Kalaimaane Review - A neat rural drama that is fairly affecting!
Bharath Vijayakumar
Seenu Ramasamy's Kanne Kalaimaane, much like his earlier films keeps things low key. At the beginning, the film is more about getting to know the character of Kamalakannan (Udhayanidhi Stalin). This happens through Bharathi (Tamannaah), who plays a Bank Manager and her first duty in her new branch has her getting to meet Kamalakannan often. These portions aren't something we have not seen before. It has the heroine learning about the good deeds of the hero. But there is earnestness in these scenes. In the sense, these portions are hardly about hero glorification and they play out without creating a halo around Kamalakannan. These scenes give the indication that this film is going to deal with farmers and their plights. But gradually it transforms into a relationship drama.

There is a lot to like about Kanne Kalaimaane. Foremost being the simplicity in storytelling. The absence of melodrama caught me off guard. There are enough instances in the film that had the scope for thrusting in an ambience of heightened emotions. There is a lot of emotions on display but they are all subdued. The romance is refreshingly mature. The acting is consistently neat. Both Udhayanidhi and Tamannah make us buy into their characters and play well within their limitations. 'Poo' Ram and Vadivukkarasi are brilliant. The performance of these two actors is actually the lifeline of the movie in the second half. Again, it is the understatedness which stands out.

The characters in Kanne Kalaimaane are well defined. Someone like Vasundhara who play's Udhayanidhi's friend from his schooldays might not have many scenes. But even from the limited screen-time, you understand the relationship dynamics between the two. While the film plays out without rush all through, it sort of fastens towards the end. There is a major reveal and then the closure. I am not sure on how differently things could have been handled but you feel something is missing towards the end. Were the conflicts resolved too quickly and easily? But that is how it happens in real life sometimes right. Could we have got to know more about Bharathi's background? But this was possibly kept limited for us to relate to Appatha's insecurity.

Kanne Kalaimaane is a well intentioned and neatly made rural drama that sort of has a calming influence on you.

Rating: 2.75/5

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