Viswasam Songs-Music Review


Viswasam Songs-Music Review

Viswasam Songs-Music Review

Suhansid Srikanth

The Viswasam jukebox containing all songs and tracks from the movie was unveiled recently and here is a review of how well the D. Imman composed music fared.

Adichi Thooku : One can easily get a feeling that what's supposed to be a massive number is very lazily done. The lyrics are insanely funny. The incoherent arrangement of sentences, words and punch lines let down a tune that's already weak enough. One can easily feel that the fillers (Thunukka Thunukka) that occupy the interludes just doesn't fit there. But the final chorus followed by the music bit (one that came with motion poster) is up-roaring and sounds as the only best thing about this song.


Kannaana Kanney : This melody is such an odd man out not just for the album but for the combination of Ajith and Siva itself. The paternal love that oozes out of Sid Sriram's rendition is beautiful. Thaamarai reminds you one of her finest works 'Kangal Neeye' in a line like 'Pudhaimanalil veezhndhe pudhaindhidave irundhen. Kurunagaiyai erindhe meetaai ennai'.


Vettikattu : You know it is going to be an introduction number when it begins with Thambi Ramaiyah throwing numerous lines on who is Thooku Durai. The song sung by Shankar Mahadevan weirdly sounds like a viral hit number out of a Ponram - SivaKarthikeyan soundtrack. The enthu that trademark Imman folk and violins add to a song is all there. Yugabharathi writes majorly for the star than the character. 'Padakkunu munnera nenaikkira aalaattam padhungiyum paathadhilla!' goes a line. I loved the chorus of children that comes towards the end. The flavour it brings is sweet. Despite a star of roof shattering image is in it, the song has a firm hold on its mass quotient and doesn't overkill the hero worship.


Vaaney Vaaney : Beginning with 'Maangalyam Thanthunaane..', Vaaney grooves over one with Shreya Ghoshal's rendition. It is that typical Imman number that has acapellas marrying the rhythm. Like the female rendition of 'Ayyayyayo Aanandhame..', the vocals bring all the sweetness to the track. But wait.. There is Hariharan joining midway. How good it is to get him back on a track for a lead star! And the second half of the song is classy man! How long its been since we hear a charanam beginning with the word 'Iniyavale!'. Viveka's lyrics have a powerful 80s influence in it. 'Iniyavale! Unadhu iruvizhi palarasa kuvalaiyil vizhundha erumbin nilai enadhu!' just threw me back to 'Idhazhil kadhai ezhudhum neramidhu' feels. The closure is all retro! This song to me, is the greatest of surprises that the film has come up with ever since it is announced.


Danga Danga : A rural song written by Arun Bharathi sung by Senthil Ganesh, Rajalakshmi of 'Chinna Machaan' fame do all the fun you expect out of this combo! The slowpaced flirty folk raises up to a rush at the end. The song in a duration of less than 3 minutes places itself as a cute addition to the album, serving a versatility amidst the mass and duet numbers.


Rise Up - Theme : The music piece that opens with a heart aching howl and humming gradually rhythms up to a powerful number. The fusion of jathis and power packed rhythms gives a heavy Rajamouli vibe as you hear. Arun Bharathi's lyrics at the end are tremendously elevated by the singers. And one can hope that the story has something huge to do with a theme song like this.



Imman's soundtrack for Viswasam is an out and out surprise feast. With mass numbers and interesting duets that effortlessly balances the aura of star, class and quality.. the combo of Siva and Ajith along with Imman, wipes off all the negative vibes that their repeated collaboration got.

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