Vada Chennai Songs - Music Review


Vada Chennai Songs -  Music Review

Vada Chennai Songs Music Review

Suhansid Srikanth


The soundtrack of VadaChennai by Santhosh Narayanan is yet another outing like his earlier recent release, 'Pariyerum Perumal', especially with both albums comprising songs that move the narrative forward. If the former was abstract and prefers to metaphor the situations with lyrics and imageries in it.. the tracks in VadaChennai are pretty direct and draws a musical parallel to the situations in the film. With the magnus opus of Vetrimaaran being the 25th album of SaNa's career as well.. we get a soundtrack of 11 songs that's mainstream yet breaking limits on its own style.



'Sandhanatha', a celebrative number by Ka Ka Balachander and Gaana Bala is uproaringly celebrative enough to make you shake your legs. More on the lines of Joshua Sridhar's 'Thandatti Karupaayi' from Kaadhal, the vocals light it up for the mood and earthiness of the situation the song speaks about.


'Goindhamaavaala', sung by Dhanush himself catches your attraction instantly. The loving renditions of Madras Tamil like 'dholuvaa', 'suluvaa' embedded in SaNa style Thaa Naa and Mm Mm chorus makes it even more sweet. Easy go lyrics shine then and there like the one line that casually asks the girl to cooperate with Dhanush's seductively flirtatious voice.. 'Saanjaa nillu supportaa!'


The prelude that opens 'Kaarkuzhal Kadavaiye' grooves you up for that one SaNa song that blushes pain and intimacy. Kind of a number that can remind you of 'Poo avizhum pozhudhil' or 'Aval kural' from Manidhan. The beauty is how the song has that Vetrimaaranish adrenaline rush of first love and first kiss we saw in Pollaadhavan's 'Minnalgal Koothaadum'. The flute throughout the song lingers the mood.


'Maadila Nikkura Maanukkutty' - another homepitch number for SaNa by Gaana Bala and Dhee is quirky and funny. Here too, the SaNa's Aahaa Oho backing chorus kicks in to flavour up the mood. Dhee's closure to the song is lovely. 'Kaasimedu Meenu Iva' is the kind of imageries the song throws to the love the couple share!


'Ennadi Maayaavi Nee' reminds the mood of 'En Vennilave' of Aadukalam. The heartbreaking rendition by Sid Sriram hits you right on the feels. 'Pattaakaththi thookki ippo mittaai narukkura' says it all on what the song addresses about.


'Eppadiyamma' and 'Alangaara Pandhal' that mourns the death of a friend rips your heart. The numbers can be put up on the same league with 'Irandhidavaa' from Madras. 'Mathiya Seraiyila', another pathos number in the package speaks about someone suffering in prison and singing his heart out. It casually gives away the ambience of the prison where drug dealings happens behind hideouts. 'Naan Kathukutti Mirugam', he sings. That hints you about the character as well!


My pick of the album is 'The King of Sea', an vocal background score that is insanely explosive. Its sorta slow burns the mood for the story that spans over decades of violence. The ambience of vengeance and revenge that intrudes inside the piece is hauntingly terrific! So is the theme of Vadachennai which we earlier witnessed in the teaser. The 'How How' howls ominously along with the brass painting all the evilness to the piece.




SaNa, with VadaChennai.. aurally takes us all to a trip down North Madras, their customs, celebrations, romance, revenge, life and death. The blend of being mainstream yet riveting and unconventional comes hand in hand with each song in the soundtrack.

Rating: 3.5/5

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