Raghava Lawrence, director issue clarification on Makkal Super Star title

PUBLISHED DATE : 10/Mar/2017

Raghava Lawrence, director issue clarification on Makkal Super Star title

Raghava Lawrence, director issue clarification on Makkal Super Star title

After battling a legal tussle, actor Raghava Lawrence's Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva was successfully released earlier yesterday (March 9, 2017). But the movie's release was quickly followed by another set of issues, for the lead actor of this Sai Ramani directorial. During the credits, the actor's name was flashed with the title card Makkal Superstar (meaning people's superstar). Given the image of a good samaritan Lawrence has cultivated, one would think rightly so. But since Superstar is a status closely associated with the larger-than-life actor Rajinjkanth, the audience did not take too well to the title card being attached to Lawrence's name. (Despite Lawrence being an ardent fan of Rajinikanth himself). Needless to say the audienced made their opinion known (through various social media platforms) and as a clarification the actor and the director were seen issuing these following statements :

Raghava Lawrence

Hi Friends and Fans!

Hope you are all enjoying the movie Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva. 

The Director had told me that he would spring me a big surprise in the movie. Today it was a huge surprise to see the title 'Makkal Super Star' in my name in the movie. 

I would like to state that I do not feel I deserve this title and I can only say that there is and can only be one super star and that is our Thalaivar Rajinikanth. 

I am a huge fan of Super Star Rajinikanth. It is he who introduced me to this film industry. And I first saw my Raghavendra Swamy in him.

I am absolutely grateful to him in every way. I will forever remain a fan of him. 

I have chosen my own title for my name and it will be that of my mother. I will henceforth be called Kanmani Raghava Lawrence in my forth coming movies! 

Nothing can bring me more happiness than my mother's name. No title can be equal to this!

Sai Ramani

I had given the title of Makkal Superstar to Mr.Raghava Lawrence, hero of my film keeping in mind his good deeds and humanitarian nature. This act of our affection did not overwhelm him. Not only did he call and condemn me for this action but he also called upon the press and media and clarified that the tag world's superstar signifies only Rajinikanth and that he (Lawrence) did not did not want this tag. Keeping in mind the time required to take the title card off the film, I request one and all to forgive the mistake.

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