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Motta Siva Ketta Siva
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Music Director
Cinematographer Sarvesh Murari
Editor Praveen K. L.
Dialogue John Mahendran

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Annoyingly unbearable, irksome and cheap

Even by regular commercial cinema standard, Motta Siva Ketta Siva fails to make an impact. Sathyaraj is sidelined in a role that has no purpose while Ashutosh Rana, who keeps saying �I hate police� for reasons never fully explained, makes you wonder what a bad film can do to an actor of his calibre....

by - Hindustan Times

Rating (1/5)

A commercial mass film which is too loud!

Being a remake of the Telugu film Pataas, the director just had to concentrate on the screenplay. Sadly, the screenplay isn't engaging either, with songs acting as a major speed breaker. Not just the songs, there are many other unnecessary scenes which could've been avoided.

by - Behindwoods.com

Rating (1.5/5)

Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva Movie Review

A few scenes which were enjoyable (rather decent) in the Telugu version, like the transformation of the hero and the father-son relationship, appear ineffective here. The bizarre scene (due to execution) of mothers beating up their college-going children, one of the awkward scenes in Pataas, has bee...

by - Times Of India

Rating (2.5/5)

Watch this film at your own risk

Motta Shiva Ketta Siva is the remake of Telugu film Paatas and the director has tried to remain honest to its original mediocre film. If the film has managed to entertain at all, it is during the song sequences, where Lawrence provides some relief from the suffocation with his dance moves. If you w...

by - Indian Express

Rating (1/5)


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    Ymix Tamil

    Best movie for ever  i love raghava lawrence 
    Thanks  you for this movie  


    Arun Sundar

    The film is average...difficult. Sathyaraj acting only good from start to end. Nikki Galrani not so good in acting skills. Film is remake of a Telugu film. 


    Venkat Kural Hearts

    nice movie this i really enjoyed...................................