Perarasu Thiruthani Movie Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 22/Oct/2012

Perarasu Thiruthani Movie Review

Thiruthani Movie Review - Is it a Spoof?

by Bharath Vijayakumar

Perarasu’s latest destination Thiruthani offers you nothing but two and half hours of unadulterated mayhem. It is surprising to see that movies like this are made in this day and age. Though it is true that the movie has been lying in the cans for sometime it would have made no difference even if it had released a couple of years earlier.


Plot (rather its absence!)

After ten to fifteen minutes into the movie you realize that it would be a futile exercise to look for a plot in this mindless masala. Every ten minutes in the second half you have some random rogue creating nuisance and our hero (Thiruthani alias Velu) comes to the rescue aided by a background score (with absurd and unimaginative lyrics that starts of like ‘Evano oruvan’) that seems like it has been lifted from some random dubbed movie of the 90s. Almost all the scenes are rehashed from Perarasu’s earlier films. Originality and ‘Thiruthani’ seem like exact opposites.



You really feel sorry for Bharath. Sometime back he was one of the leading stars from the younger generation who made his presence felt in meaningful movies such as Kadhal and Veyyil. Then, movies like Pazhani,Thambikku Entha Ooru,Aarumugam and now Thiruthani will do no good to his career. He seems disinterested in most of the scenes. His agility in the dance sequences is a solace. But even that is lost in the loud din. One hopes he makes a strong comeback with his current project ‘555’ under the helm of director Sasi. Sunaina is definitely a capable actress. But this is no movie to judge her talents. The movie has well known faces like Rajkiran, Pandiarajan and Ashish Vidyarthi. But everyone looks like a caricature and speaks the most absurd of dialogues.



Perarasu had a dream start in tinsel town. Not many get a chance to direct both Vijay and Ajith in their first three films and that too within a span of two years.  The last few years have seen tremendous change in the audience’s taste.  A movie like Thiruthani will not even please his target audience who might have enjoyed his initial few films. He seriously has to rethink his strategy.

Perarasu has also composed music this time. Again, the songs too look like recycled versions from his previous directorial ventures. It would be really bizarre to look for technical finesse in this film. The movie is not a science fiction but the stunt sequences will definitely raise serious doubts about Newton's laws of gravitation! 



Just like the category of ‘Must Watch’ movies if there is a list of ‘Must  Miss’ then Thiruthani would definitely make it to that list. In case you decide to watch it, please do it with a group of friends who love unintentional humour. The movie has that in plenty and will surely entertain. For the rest of us, better be safe. 


Rating -

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