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  1. Theri U

    Theri - Partially 
    There are few rare films were our intellectual mind says that there is a logic issue, it has dejavu connections, it has predictable/Template zone problem, but heart says, no problem ! the movie is still good right?.. this happens only when you get entertained in right mixture.  
    Where it misses:  The major problem that everyone would say with theri is the predictability, you can easily say what gonna happen in the next scene, when the song will come. Then comes dejavu,  a couple of scenes remind you of Ghajini, some scenes reminds you of Vedalam. Additionally Atlee wanted to cover a number of social issues through one film. Few emotional connects which actually works well, sometimes looks like an overdose. The entire first half portions are really good, when everything seems to go fine, Atlee suddenly looks like misses the point, he clearly has no idea on how to end and made it hurry to end the film like bang bang and messed it up.
    Theri Moments:  Vijay the perfect entertainer, his screen presence and charisma over-shades the issues that Theri had. Rest of the cast have done the best of what they can. The entire first half is really good. GV Prakash's Background score is a huge asset, whenever there is a lag GV comes to fill it with his score. 
    Finally: With too many issues the movie still works as an Entertainer. The movie can recommended even for family audiences as it has no adultery-dialogues/ or "Mugam sulikum" scenes. If you want a good entertainer to spend your weekend 'Theri' is still a good choice.  


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