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Theri Review - Not Theriffic

Theri's story is based on a simple revenge drama carried by an uninteresting screenplay with highly predictable scenes narrated over a painstakingly long run-time. It is obvious from the first reel that there is a gruesome past that the hero is trying to keep it under wraps. Director Atlee has no disguise as he unfolds some critical scenes. (more)

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When Inspiration Reign Supreme!

Getting inspired is absolutely understandable. But, depending on the inspiration in order to sell your own product is a matter of grave concern. With a tried and tested storyline and an ordinary screenplay Theri is far from what was expected. However, it has all the ingredients required for a family entertainer. (more)

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A little predictable, but an enjoyable mass ride with Vijay aka Vijay Kumar aka Joseph Kuruvilla

One thing that goes against the film is the predictability factor. When there is a suspense moment, you would want the audience not to guess it right. But in Theri's case, viewers are able to connect the dots and predict what is going to happen next. Perhaps could be a case of trailer revealing more than needed. (more)

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An Entertaining Revenge Drama From Atlee and Vijay

Ergo, Theri gets going with a promising start, loses steam after the interval block. In all an above average entertained from Atlee & co.(more)

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Vijay fans might find this film 'Theri'-fic

A lot was expected from director Atlee but he has fallen short in this Vijay film. Having a star like Vijay he should have made maximum use of his talent, skills, and popularity. But he didn't. The story is very slow (especially in the first half) with many scenes that don't add value to the film. In the second half, the pace picks up but the 'Theri' moments in the film are few and far between. Casting Vijay as a cop is a coupe and Atlee could have taken this movie to another level if he had cut down on the heavy, constant sentiment that bogs down the film.(more)



This man is from Mass

I�m not saying you cannot find a place for these sentiments in a mass-hero movie, but the film ends up schizophrenic trying to balance them with the more macho stuff the actor�s fans want. So after all those tears, we end up with the hero as the ghost who walks, a phantom who appears out of nowhere to dole out justice. Someone like Netaji, we�re told, whose death remains unverified and who could be doing the kind of villain-dispatching the hero does here. In Kollywood, it�s just a little leap from INA to WTH.(more)

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