Doctor (Amazon Prime)
09/Oct/2021 Comedy, Love

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A Smart Entertainer

Director Nelson holds a unique style that feels refreshing to watch. His knack with dark humor and picking people with peculiar mannerisms to play vital roles pays off yet again.(more)

Source: Meera Chithirapaavai , MovieCrow


An enjoyable comedy-caper that has Sivakarthikeyan playing down his strengths

The first half crackles with humour, with comedy actor Kingsley having us in splits with his brash dialogue delivery. Nelson packs a lot of comedy in the scenes, so much so that even action sequences have a dose of humour (check out the one shot inside a Metro train compartment). Though he loses the...(more)

Source: Srinivasa Ramanujam, The Hindu


Doctor is a deliciously dark comedy

This is certainly a different role for Sivakarthikeyan, who, unlike in other films, is made to be less expressive and less talkative. Nelson doesn't let go of this darkly humorous tone even when things get serious. The humour quotient does dip in the second half, but Nelson manages to inject a funny...(more)

Source: M Suganth, Times Of India


Doctor, is a laughter riot from the word go

It is often said that laughter is the best medicine. It's practicality is a question but it does seem to be the antidote for all the writing flaws the film has. The humour factor makes you forgive everything and enjoy the entire duration. One particular writing decision that works is not having any ...(more)

Source: Editorial Board,


A dark comedy which is enjoyable

The first half of the film is thoroughly enjoyable and it's refreshing to see Sivakarthikeyan in a subtle character but he pulls it off with great elan and also brings in laughter within the dark humor zone. Varun is not the cup of tea for Siva but still, he makes it delicious for us thanks to Nelso...(more)

Source: Movie Buff,


This inventive black comedy features an all new Sivakarthikeyan

This is Sivakarthikeyan in a comedy, albeit of the black variety, being secure enough to stay away from joining in, being secure enough to be a passive participant while characters around him chatter away. This i s Sivakarthikeyan as we have never seen him before, and it's admirable that he hasn't j...(more)

Source: sudhir srinivasan, The New Indian Express


Sivakarthikeyan�s film is a deliciously wicked dark comedy

Doctor takes off slowly and initially it feels a little odd to see Sivakarthikeyan deliver his lines like a robot. It feels like a very mechanical performance but once you get used to his character, the film works like a charm. No other Tamil film apart from Nelson�s own Kolamavu Kokila used dark co...(more)

Source: Haricharan Pudipeddi, Hindustan Times


Sivakarthikeyan's logic defying film is a thorough entertainer

The best thing about the film though is that it doesn't punch above its weight. One of the best talents of Nelson is his ability to write comedy. And banking on artists Yogi Babu, Deepa Shankar and Redin Kingsley, he packs a punch. Yogi Babu is a riot throughout the film. Nelson has focussed on the ...(more)

Source: Balakrishna Ganeshan , The News Minute

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1 “Chellamma ” Sivakarthikeyan Anirudh Ravichander, Jonita Gandhi, Listen
2 “Nejame” Mohan Rajan Anirudh Ravichander Listen
3 “So Baby” Sivakarthikeyan Anirudh Ravichander, Ananthakkrishnan Listen