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Adanga Maru
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A Good Watch For Its Gripping Screenplay & Multiple High-Points On Offer!

Jayam Ravi's Adanga Maru though fairly predictable at certain points, emerges as a worthy watch! An engaging suspense thriller film from director Karthik Thangavel to start with!(more)

Source: Akash, MovieCrow


Adanga Maru has a routine plot, but the treatment makes it fast-paced and interesting.

A little more detailing on other characters, strong antagonists and better VFX shots could have made the movie a much better experience.(more)

Source: Thinkal Menon, Times Of India


Adangamaru's fresh screenplay and packaging makes this intense revenge drama, a good watch!

Director Karthik Thangavel has attempted to give an intense revenge drama with a tinge of technology. One can definitely say that the director has succeeded to a greater extent, except for the fact that the premise could have been much stronger.(more)

Source: Behindwoods Review Board, Behindwoods.com


Jayam Ravi's earnest performance stands out in this predictable action thriller

The film works to a large extent on the macho image of Jayam Ravi as a socially responsible cop who transforms into a man obsessed with revenge. He uses his brains more than his brawn and aided by technology, he ensnares the villains.(more)

Source: Sreedhar Pillai, Firstpost.com


Source: Behindwoods Review Board, Behindwoods.com


Jayam Ravi is convincing in the engaging cop drama

In a role that requires him to be angry and frustrated most of the time, Jayam Ravi is convincing. There are multiple loopholes in the film but as viewers, we don�t get the time to dwell on them because of the pace.(more)

Source: Antara Chakraborthy, Indian Express


A Thrilling Cop Drama That Banks On Collective Anger Against Power Centres

The film silently speaks of a generation that has grown up without too many compunctions; that feels proudly entitled. It is also a reminder of the dangers that lurk. Even Sampath's character gets a reality check only as a parent, when his daughter questions how he would react if she had been the vi...(more)

Source: Subha Rao, Filmcompanion.in


Jayam Ravi has a message in this intense thriller

The core premise of Adanga Maru is about the injustice meted out to women by lustful men and how the system watches them suffer. Taking up a relevant issue, Karthik Thangavel has etched a gripping tale which sometimes goes overboard. (more)

Source: Janani K, India Today

User Reviews



nice movie and stunt in this movie was excellent. i loved this movie (more)


Badri Shah

As usual commercial action drama with high thrills nd stunts. A good movie to watch nd enjoy with family. Nice msg in the end. Good Actions by Jayam Ravi. (more)


Arun Sundar

One time watchable thriller. Second half waste.BGM nice, Jayam Ravi ok. (more)

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