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An action film that leaves you napping

This is one of those films that could have been so bad that it is good or with a little cheekiness and not taking itself seriously been a fun outing. But Asuraguru does neither or maybe that was the intention but it certainly doesn't come through(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


The film lacks the required elements one expects from movies which belong to the genre.

the lack of an engaging screenplay and below par making are evident after a few minutes into the film. There are several scenes which lack conviction and engaging performances. The logic goes for a toss in numerous scenes and we lose interest in the proceedings almost halfway through the movie(more)

Source: Thinkal Menon, Times Of India


Vikram Prabhu's heist film only steals our time

While the film steers away from the traditional Robin Hood storyline, it still borders on the bizarre and exposes the director's lack of understanding of a psychological disorder. (more)

Source: Priyanka Thirumurthy, The News Minute


This film about a kleptomaniac fails to steal your heart

The writing becomes weak as the film inches towards the climax. A random villain walks in when the story hits a brick wall and a laughable twist seals the fate of the film. Of course, there is Yogi Babu and I got quite concerned as he comes close to getting a separate comedy track.(more)

Source: Kirubakar Prushothaman, CinemaExpress.com


Money, money and money, but nowhere to go

Asuraguru's over-the-top action sequences and tepid flashback sequences do not contribute to that space. As a lady detective solving a case linked to the main case, Mahima Nambiar gets some solid screenspace, but contributes little, save for the scene in which she is exasperated at the protagonist. ...(more)



Vikram Prabhu Stars In A Heist Film That Is An Explosion Of Ridiculousness

This film by A Raajdheep is all about coincidences, a screenplay that's too ambitious for its budget and laughable twists.(more)

Source: VISHAL MENON, Filmcompanion.in

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