Asuraguru Review - An action film that leaves you napping!

PUBLISHED DATE : 13/Mar/2020

Asuraguru Review - An action film that leaves you napping!

Asuraguru - An action film that leaves you napping!

Bharath Vijayakumar


Asuraguru opens with a robbery on a moving train. What is supposed be an adrenaline pumping opening scene, plays out like an amateur short film. The CG is on your face and Vikram Prabhu runs on top of a train as if he is taking a stroll in the park. This opening scene is both good and bad for you. Good because it clearly establishes what you are in store for and there is no false promise. That is one way of seeing things but the more obvious and ominous reaction is to be petrified of what is in store for the remaining two hours!


This is one of those films that could have been so bad that it is good or with a little cheekiness and not taking itself seriously been a fun outing. But Asuraguru does neither or maybe that was the intention but it certainly doesn't come through.


The hero is a mastermind who keeps robbing large sums of money. A police officer, a private detective and someone who had lost his money are on his trail. The basic premise actually has potential with a twist about the hero's motive that you least expect. The flashback where you expect melodrama throws a googly. There is even a superhero origin sort of a thing happening in case you are still reading! But all these are lost in a film that is amateurish to say the least. Uninspiring is the word for the performance of the cast. It is too difficult to talk about the good things or even the things that did not work in the film because this is one outing that you watch for the sake of having stepped into the auditorium.




Running at just 2 hours Asuraguru feels like one long tedious watch. What could have been a fun no-brainer is let down by almost everything!

Rating: 1.5/5

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