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Good Movie , all characters are fine except Bobby Simha, but overall a very good film (more)


Arun Sundar

Movie is okay. .but editing should have been better. Painful to sit through. That is the only minus. (more)


Aravind Kadhal Rasigan

Iravi is the best film this year which is a very bold attempt must watch it will makes u cry and think ..screenplay is must be slow bcos its a drama film and he has to show and make audience to feel it hats off karthik subburaj (more)


Vasanth Raj

Kudoss to Karthik Subbaraj for a bold theme which so far to my knowledge only few directors like Balachandar and Selvaraghavan does. A movie that focus on women and the issues she faces because of men. Only disappointing factor is , Karthik Subbaraj does not show much space for the women and after all every women is shown as depressed failed and man continues to do wrong things. When a director like Karthik Subbaraj who known for making realistic film this movie was more like dramatic in the end than realistic. SJ suryah What an actor he is , if there are few reasons why you should watch Iraivi, He should be one among them. Where are you all these days? Technically movie is strong. Overall a must watch film. (more)


Vijayaraghavan Srinivasan

Nice movie and the movie demands at least multiple watch to appreciate the quality of this movie. (more)


Manoj Diru

Need some patient ......... If u hav tat then d film is worthier than any other film..... Sj surya acting therri (more)


Arun Gowtham

You have bought a good meat & ingredients, you decide to make an unusual dish, in the process of cooking the dish promises to be tastier, but when you overcook it, the whole effort you put on to get ur desired one gets spoiled. This is what exactly happend with Iraivi. The movie has very good performers as a lead stars, particularly SJ SURYAH was terrific. Karthik comes up with a concept that focuses on man- woman relationship and few thoughts on how man should treat his Iraivi (Woman). There are scenes where bobby tries hard to relate the core concept, like man - arakkan, woman - iraivi reference and his lengthy dialogues on how true love and attentions a woman he love deserves. Though it sounds drammatic it was quite thought provoking too. There is one place where one of the 4 main Iraivi (Pooja Devariya) was shown as independent, living her own life, a spark on how an independed empowered woman should be, but i doubt if karthik was making fun of it as her life/relationship and freedom is all about just a 3 letter. ( does karthik Subbaraj wanted us to tease "Ivalothana unga empowerment? ) The other Mainithis (Anjali, Kamalini, Vadivukarasi) of this film has very little part of the three men's life, and all of them are affected emotionally mentally just because of man's hasty decisions! (Probably this is what director's ingredient), but when Karthik Subbaraj overcooks it by just focusing on the men's reckless decisions & subplots to feed such decisions, there the film become more artificial and forced towards the end, Which makes a wannabe classy film as annoying to an extent. Iraivi - unconventional but overcooked ! Ps: This review has no views on violence, filthy words, illicit affair and cautionary no drinking and smoking label across the film. (more)