Pasanga 2 - Haiku (U)
24/Dec/2015 Children, Drama 127 Mins

Pasanga 2 - Haiku
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Good film for father and mother who did not understands their childrens mind and their feelings .. (more)


Sugavanaesh Sadagopan

There are lot of messages in this movie which is much needed for society especially about pregnant women is really superb. Positive of the movie is that the story , casting ,cinematography and music. Negative is lack of emotion which is much needed in this type of story instead Pandi raj has concentrated more on the children's childish behaviour. On a whole must watch movie for all parents,teachers and pregnant woman (more)


Abiram Yokesh

A must watch film mainly for the parents . a well made film with all the things in the right proportions. Watch out fr the brilliant performance by the two kids and superb cameo by surya and the timing comedy by muniskanth. Music and background score are fresh and good. Dop and editing r nice. No unwanted or lengthy scenes so the movie doesn't make u bored. Hatsoff to pandiaraj for making this film . really enjoyed by watching this film (more)


Raj Kumar

Excellent movie with lots of fun and msg. A movie that a kollywood lover will b surely proud of. (more)


Ragavendra Raja

#Pasanga2 #Haiku #TZP #Premam #AutoGraph #Surya #Pandiraj I would like to say something to those who are criticized Haiku is inspired from Tare Zamin Par . Pasanga 2 is 'Athukum mela' Why you are not rising question against Alphonse . Coz Aftr watching Premam it also look like Hangover of #Autograph . Go and watch in theatres how the children are enjoyed every bit of the film. And parents should get guilty feeling when the title card ends... For the first time I heard only claps sound instead of whistles in opening weekend it self... Even such a big star involved in this venture. Pasanga 2 is brilliantly written Haiku. Watch it with ur Haiku... For ur haiku... (more)


Gowtham Viswanath

Haiku was a rough rehearse of Taare Zameen Par and more. The halfway into It was not seeming good then, but past it was when the Taare Zameen Par effect came evident and, eventually and surprisingly much more added to it. The simple connections from the first hours were much more resounding, which seemed dull before while watching it. The Film had its demerits regarding the delayed development and patchiness in Writing, uninteresting Performances and careless Direction. A very below-average inspiration of Taare Zameen Par in quality which had something much more and of its own, became almost a decent flick. 2 stars for not degrading TZP and the healthy social content. (more)


Arun Sundar

Quite a decent copy of Taare Zameen Par.Positives are Suriya s acting (if you do not compare with A amir Khan or see it as an imitation), the little girl who played Nayana, also special note of mention to 'evam' karthik for underplaying his performance. Screenplay and bam are biggest plus points.Minus points lacking in bit emotions,length and acting of Amala Paul. (more)


Ashwin Rohit

Awesome Film with lots of fun.Pasanga 2 is better than pasanga even though suriya comes after 1 hr of the film its a good rome for him (more)