Pasanga 2 - Haiku (U)
24/Dec/2015 Children,drama 127 Mins

Pasanga 2 - Haiku

Ragavendra Raja

  1. Pasanga 2 - Haiku U

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    I would like to say something to those who are criticized Haiku is inspired from Tare Zamin Par .
    Pasanga 2 is 'Athukum mela'
    Why you are not rising question against Alphonse .
    Coz Aftr watching Premam 
    it also look like Hangover of #Autograph .
    Go and watch in theatres how the children are enjoyed every bit of the film.
    And parents should get guilty feeling when the title card ends...
    For the first time I heard only claps sound instead of whistles in opening weekend it self...
    Even such a big star involved in this venture.
    Pasanga 2 is brilliantly written Haiku.
    Watch it with ur Haiku...
    For ur haiku...  


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