Yatchan Review - Test of Endurance

PUBLISHED DATE : 11/Sep/2015

Yatchan Review - Test of Endurance

Yatchan Review - Test of Endurance

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After delivering a social thriller with Arrambam two years ago, director Vishnuvardhan is back with Yatchan. The director pairs up with his most favourite actor, Arya, plays the lead role along with his brother Kreshna. After the smashing success of Thani Oruvan, all eyes are on writers Subha, who have co-written this movie. 


The movie is promoted as an action comedy entertainer. However, the problem is that the comedy is  lacking and action is bland throughout the movie. There are hardly any laugh out loud moments in the movie. The lead characters try too hard to tickle you and in the process will test your patience.


Story, Screenplay and Direction

Director Vishnuvardhan's screenplay and direction are a big let-down. The parallel scene constructions for Arya and Kreshna to establish their respective characterization as the story bounces back and forth in first half. After the lead characters come together after long build-up, there is no spark nor chemistry between the two  The movie takes way too long to get to the point as the script fails to engage at every stage of the movie. The director could never get a handle on the proceedings.


The duo writers Subha, who cornered a lot of praise for their excellent writing in "Thani Oruvan" are totally out of form in Yatchan. Barring one mildly interesting knot towards the very end, there are no details nor brilliance in writing. The comedy elements in the dialogues fall flat and fail to click on big screen. The heroine's ability to see the future due to a lightning strike is completely unnecessary and reminds us of special powers of Suriya in "Mass". 


Arya acts as a die-hard fan of 'Thala' Ajith. After STR's Vaalu, Yatchan is yet another movie trying to capitalize on Ajith's popularity. The movie plays to the gallery by having a number of scenes where Arya, Kreshna, SJ Suryah keep referring to the greatness of Thala multiple times. It is high time our Tamil directors and actors show some spine and not rely on Thala fans as a crutch to sell tickets.



Arya allows everybody including character artists around him to grab attention. Arya's acting, dialogue delivery and modulation are monotonous in a movie where the script doesn't demand much in terms of performance anyways. Kreshna biggest commercial hero role till date with strong backing from his brother, director Vishnuvardhan, is not up to the mark. Kreshna's acting is over the top and not funny in many places. Arya and Kreshna do not have a single memorable scene together despite the long time it takes to set up the clash.

Thambi Ramaiah and Ponvannan evoke laughter at a few places. The ever-dependable Thambi Ramaiah enlivens the scenes whenever he appears along with Arya. Adil Hussain plays the role of villain and his make-up is done well that it is not easy to identify him as the same person who acted in English Vinglish as Sridevi's husband. RJ Balaji is relatively more at ease in front of the camera this time. Swati Reddy and Deepa Sannidhi as respective pairs of Kreshna and Arya perform okay in their roles. The casting of YG Mahendra, 5 Star Krishna, Ponvannan, Ajay Ratnam, Azhagam Perumal and Stunt Silva are predictable and forgettable. 


The camera work of Om Prakash consistently maintains the tone and style of the movie very well. The camera angles and movements sometime go overboard in a desperate attempt to make the scenes look funny. It manages to accomplish just the opposite in many scenes. "Kaaka Ponnu" song is picturized with lots of energy and gusto. The song comes late in the second half after the audience loses patience and hopes of a turnaround. Yuvan's BGM is nothing exceptional and couple of hit songs on music tracks are badly placed in the movie. The costumes of Arya and set designs are well color coordinated. The art direction is disciplined especially in the choice of background colors and set properties.

Final Word

Yatchan is poorly directed with uninspiring performances and slipshod screenplay. The script is filled with shallow moments as it becomes a tiresome long wait for the end credits to finally roll. 


Rating : 


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