Ambuli 3D - User Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 07/Mar/2012

Ambuli 3D - User Review

Ambuli (3D) 
(Review by Bharath Vijayakumar)

Will a desi 3D flick made within a limited budget make an impression at a time when we are exposed to 3D Hollywood films every other week? Well the answer is an emphatic “YES”. Ambuli is shot entirely in 3D and the output is impressive to say the least. Gloss without content never succeeds. Where Ambuli emerges winner is, amidst the technical excellence we have a strong and engaging plot.




Set in the year 1978, Ambuli is about the mysterious killings that happen in the cornfields next to a village. The villagers believe that a monster (which they call Ambuli) is the reason for all this. Two youngsters are not ready to believe the superstitious beliefs of the local inhabitants. They set out to unravel the mystery leaving us glued to the seats. For most part of the movie we are left guessing as to whether Ambuli does really exist or not, and this is where the makers succeed.




The lead stars who play the two couples are adequate. They do not exactly set the screen on fire but are very much convincing as the youth of the 70s. Jagan makes an impression as the village youngster in a role that is quite a deviation from his usual comic antics. Parthiban in a small but important role adds to the mystery of the proceedings. The songs are passable. But the movie would have definitely benefited by their absence as all they do is, lessen the tempo.




Thrillers and horror flicks are a rarity in Tamil cinema. And more so  is a well made one. Ambuli is here to fill the void. Ambuli is not spine chilling horror. But it is a well made thriller flick devoid of  any glaring logical loopholes. Care has been taken to avoid any loose endings. Ambuli could be a trendsetter of sorts and we should be seeing more such well made small to medium budget films that push the boundaries of technical excellence. Three cheers to this well made 3D flick!!!

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