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Ambuli-Above Average

Ambuli 3D, touted as Tamil cinema’s first stereoscopic Digital film in 3D has been made by the director duo of Harish and Hari. It keeps the audience glued to the screen every second, is a fact that goes in its favour. The 3D effects add to the drama and suspense on screen, adding immensely to the enjoyment and thrill levels.(more)

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Let's welcome the change!

A three-dimensional movie within the commercial parameters of Tamil cinema is difficult, rare and next to impossible, it was believed until now. But here comes 'Ambuli' to bridge the gap. The story is as old as hill. It is like a folk tale, reminding one of the stories narrated by our grand mothers. Cinematography and stereography by Satheesh G is the backbone of the movie(more)

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This is in fact a good 3D watch for Kollywood fans!

Director duo Hari Shankar and Hareesh Narayan has once again given a perfect supernatural thriller, which also has a scientific explanation on all the events that takes place.(more)

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Ambuli 3D, thrills and suspense experience: between ‘not bad’ and ‘good’

Ambuli is definitely a pioneer in Tamil cinema. We finally have a 3D film; and we know a few biggies are set to follow, but Ambuli will be remembered as the first. It has an intelligent script, which keeps you guessing, plenty of interesting moments and some thrills. Of course, it also has its downsides; a somewhat forced climax, a clichéd way of promising a sequel and the revelation not quite matching the big things that were said about it. But, it still remains a movie that will entertain you and perhaps spook kids a bit. Overall, it has the grip of a thriller and the charm of a grandmother’s tale or folklore.(more)

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Desi 3D matches Hollywood tech

Each detail of the period sets, including costumes and special make up for Gokul, who plays Ambuli, deserve plaudit. There are a few minor flaws. Nevertheless, it is a movie which is not to be missed for that mammoth ‘desi 3D’ effort! (more)

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Different, but not necessarily gripping.

It's like making gory dolls and saying it's for elders, or bizarre-looking kites not meant for kids. 3D is an experience children enjoy. But making a bloody saga that is a mix of science and religious dogma, and blind faith and rational thinking in 3D format is rather incongruous.(more)

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