Enakkul Oruvan Review - Faithful Recreation of a Dream

PUBLISHED DATE : 06/Mar/2015

Enakkul Oruvan Review -  Faithful Recreation of a Dream

Enakkul Oruvan - Faithful Recreation of a Dream!!!
Bharath Vijayakumar

A psychological thriller. This is how Wikipedia defines 'Lucia', the Kannada film that made film buffs around the country sit up and notice. Apart from being a quality product, the film also made news as it was a crowd funded effort.Before anything else, we need to appreciate the makers of Enakkul Oruvan and Siddharth for bringing this truly out of the box movie to the Tamil audience.



An insomniac is introduced to a drug named Lucia that would enable him lead an alternate life in his dreams. Soon the line between reality and dream gets blurred.



Siddharth has made  Enakkul Oruvan his own. In diametrically opposite roles he has made sure that he never does anything that yearns for attention. As someone who has seen Lucia, the makeover of Siddharth in the trailer seemed unwarranted and there was a fear we might get to see some over the top acting.


But all such thoughts were soon put to rest after a few minutes into the film. As someone doing menial jobs in a local theatre Siddharth is brilliant. And the makeover is justified as we have a different image of Siddharth in our minds. And when this image is also utilised in a parallel track in the film you understand the need for this makeover.


Aadukalam Naren is another actor who makes an impact in the film. This character played by Achyuth Kumar in the original was so important and Naren has made sure to make a close enough impact. Deepa Sannidhi makes a very good debut in Tamil.



Santosh Narayanan can do no wrong with his music in his current form. The songs of Enakkul Oruvan are quite tricky. They need to be catchy and yet cannot be too mainstream. And he walks this thin line perfectly.


But the voice employed for Siddharth in the song with the foreign girls looked so out of place.


The film is a faithful remake of 'Lucia'. While the many justifications for the two different looks of Siddharth hold true, it still does leave a gaping hole. And if you are attentive you could probably guess the climax because of this and you cannot understand how the makers either missed it or went ahead with it.


Apart from this the film is carefully and neatly recreated and should be a treat to those who yearn for thinking cinema. 



The message of Enakkul Oruvan is universal and a much needed one. We often end up yearning to live someone else's life not realizing the gifts given to us.The film is a must watch if you have'nt seen the original.


Rating: 3.25/5

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