Marina Review - A Slice of Life

PUBLISHED DATE : 09/Feb/2012

Marina Review - A Slice of Life

Slice Of Life at the Marina
(Movie Review by Bharath Vijayakumar)

Making a realistic cinema that entertains is always a challenge. Marina is one such attempt by 'Pasanga' director Pandiraj.The idea of the movie is to showcase the lives of those people for whom the second home is the beach. It follows their travails and tribulations. Each one of them has a backstory which unfolds at various points of the narrative. 


Pandiraj ensures that the movie does not turn melodramatic at any stage and has tried to keep the proceedings as lively has possible. But the narrative loses pace in the second half and you sort of get disconnected with the happenings on screen. One possible reason is that though Marina has several plots running parallel, none of them grips you much and the anticipation of what is going to happen next is definitely missing. Certain scenes in the movie seem to be drawn out too long. The horse race sequence is a case in point. Also the track involving the two policemen in search of a kid sticks out like a sore thumb. And once you get to know the purpose of this exercise you can’t help but feel irritated.


Cast and Crew

Marina is the debut flick for television anchor Sivakarthikeyan and the role requires him to be pretty much be himself. Sivakarthikeyan is not your typical hero in Marina -- it is made clear in the opening credits itself, when his name appears after the names of the two kids who play important roles. The comic romantic track between Sivakarthikeyan and Oviya does evoke laughter but it gets repetitive after a point. "Pakkada" Pandian who impressed in Pasanga and all the other kids in the movie are adequate without being extraordinary. The elderly man who takes to begging, the mentally disturbed guy, the jockey and the postman are some of the characters that stay with you. Jayaprakash in a cameo puts in a dignified performance.


Music & Cinematography

Music by debutant Girish is pleasant. But the songs are too many especially in the first half. The title track about Chennai is catchy and the lyrics are noteworthy. For a change, we have a song that depicts the characteristics of the city as it is without going overboard in either praising it or taking a dig at it. Cinematography by Vijay needs special mention as it must have been difficult to shoot in crowded areas.



Marina is a film with its heart in the right place. The movie emphasize the importance of education. But as a viewer it doesn't keep you interested all the time. It neither disappoints you nor leaves you feeling elated. Overall Marina is a good attempt by Pandiraj with a noble intention.

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