Lingaa collects 55 crores in its opening weekend

PUBLISHED DATE : 15/Dec/2014

Lingaa collects 55 crores in its opening weekend

Lingaa collects est. 55 crores in its opening weekend

A number of factually incorrect box office numbers is floating around in the internet. The true opening weekend collection of Lingaa worldwide is estimated to be Rs. 55 to 60 Crores based on official trade sources. The break-up of the collection is as follows:

  • The majority of that coming from Tamil Nadu which is estimated to be Rs. 30 CroresChennai is estimated to have contributed Rs. 2.7 Crores out of that.
  • Outside of India, North America(US and Canada) Contributed the next highest with a total of Rs. 11 Crores.
  • UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East, Australia and rest of the world expected to have contributed another 8 to 10 Crores
  • Box Office collections from Kerala, Bangalore and rest of North India is expected to constitute rest of the collections 


BO Misinformation Campaign

The distributors and trade sources expressed cautious optimism saying if the movie continues to manage a good run during the upcoming week and 2nd weekend, Lingaa could possibly achieve a life time gross collection of Rs.100 Crores. But for now, the collections are short of achieving the magic figure. You can safely conclude that Lingaa collections of Rs. 100 Crores is nothing but a misinformation campaign spiraling out of control. 

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