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Rajinikanth is the King

KS Ravikumar should be credited for tapping Rajini's strengths while downplaying his age-related constraints.KS Ravikumar has scripted based on a contemporary issue related to Mullai Periyar dam and weaved it effectively in a fictitious story spanning across generations. KS Ravikumar's stays safe with his style of storytelling. KS Ravikumar doesn't deviate much from his time-tested emotion evoking scene constructs and his dialogues are crisp and triggers the right emotions.(more)

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Rajinikanth's mesmerizing energy let down by writing. But give it your time for Superstar's non-diminishing charisma.

Superstar Rajinikanth's birthday treat Lingaa, directed by K.S.Ravikumar hits the screens today. The film is expected to surpass the duo's earlier outings - Muthu and Padaiyappa. With a huge ensemble of support stars and Rajini in dual roles, does Lingaa live up to the immense expectations? Let's find out.(more)

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A lot of heroism

The next phase of 'Lingaa' completes the promise of a power packed Superstar movie, solving many mysteries, including the one on why the temple gates had to be thrown open all of a sudden. Now that the story is in place, let's get critical on the aspects that make the movie wholesome and complete.(more)

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Strictly for Thalaivar fans

The screenplay of Lingaa skittles from clich� to clich�, packing in every stereotype you can think of. What saves this film from complete disappointment is Rajinikanth the larger-than-life superstar.(more)

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The hero with a thousand faces

�Lingaa� gives Rajinikanth a ticket to entertain his fans and he doesn't let them down. (more)

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The film lacks energy.

Lingaa is certainly among the least Rajini-esque films, even though the template of the plot � a man who is compelled to take up a task which he is least interested in undergoes a transformation after learning about the past and takes up the challenge and triumphs in the end (more)

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Drama minus the punch

The arrival of a Rajinikanth film is like a festival. Hardcore fans expect a whistle-clap fest and even serious film buffs look past gaping loopholes in the script and soak in inimitable fun. K.S. Ravikumar, who directed Muthu and Padaiyappa (Narasimha in Telugu), aims to draw more than claps and whistles. He puts Rajinikanth in the centre of a social, period drama set in 1939 and offers some interesting view points.(more)

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An exciting return for the superstar Rajinikanth on the big screen in live action

�Lingaa� is an exciting return for the superstar onto the big screen in live action. And this time, it's most certainly not a lacklustre computer animation. Directed by KS Ravikumar, the movie works well for its making rather than for the script alone which offers nothing new.(more)

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Three hours treat to all the Rajini fans

Action, what to say, this is as much expected in Rajini movie, though some stunts shown during the climax of the movie were over exaggerated. But, I think that could be seen only in such movies, as it suits him. Direction was good by KS Ravikumar. It was a perfect gift for Thalaivaa on his 64th birthday. (more)

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Two much of a good thing

What can you say about his onscreen charisma, his star value, that hasn�t been said before! His regal gait, his mannerisms, his style, they are simply unmatched, leaving much younger stars behind and gaping. And to believe that he turned 64 today! (more)

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Pleasant time-pass entertainment.

Whatever the reviews and critics say, no Rajini fan is going to miss this film for sure. For the rest, I would say, it is still a pleasant time-pass entertainment. (more)

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It is basically three hours of Rajinikanth doing his thing

�Lingaa� is basically three hours of Rajini Saar doing his thing. And it is three hours of full-on `masti� and �mazaa': no half-measures for the man who just has to walk across the screen in slo-mo to send his fans into paroxysms.(more)

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