Kochadaiyaan Songs Review - AR Rahman's Grandeur

PUBLISHED DATE : 10/Mar/2014

Kochadaiyaan Songs Review - AR Rahman's Grandeur

Kochadaiyaan Songs Review

The biggest accomplishment of AR Rahman in Kochadaiyaan is his ability to bring the grandeur vision expected of a historical 100 Crore+ project. The layers of orchestration and details show the care taken by AR Rahman, irrespective of genre of the movie. AR Rahman and Vairamuthu have ensured that the music and lyrics are consistent with the period it is set against while not alienating the tastes of current generation of music fans. 

Engaey Pogudho Vaanam was a single released some time back and has already been received well. SP Balasubramanyam opens the album with his racy singing and pulsating music. This is also expected to be the opening song in the movie. Since this is Rajini's first movie after his hospitalization, he doesn't fail to thank the fans for their immense love and support through the lyrics. Another background track, Rana's dream, is a lilting theme music which is a slower instrumental version of the opening track, Engaey Pogutho Vaanam.


Medhuvaagathaan is a beautiful duet brings back the SPB in his best form. This is the only song written by late Vaalee and his play of words will make you appreciate his versatility. AR Rahman masterfully arranges this song with a beautiful blend of carnatic tune, modern instruments and excellent use of chorus.


Maatram Ondrudhaan Maaradhadhu is an interesting mix of song and series of translated popular proverbs and well-known phrases from all over the world (e.g., "Change is the only constant"). Rajnikanth's voice actually sounds a bit different in the song. The way Rajini says "Nanba, ellam konja kaalam" with a philosophical touch is the highlight of the song. Singer Haricharan blazes through in this yet another winner track.

Latha Rajinikanth will spring you a surprise with her confident rendition of "Manapennin Sathyam". The counterpart track "Manamaganin Sathyam" sung by Haricharan has equally beautiful lyrics. The parallel tracks of these 2 songs are well conceived and pacing of both these songs are classy.

Chinmayi brilliantly sings Idhayam, the pathos track in this album. Srinivas' entry in the second half brings the balance to the drama. Vairamuthu's lyrics hints at an impending danger mixed with emotions of the girl in love. 

Engal Kochadaiiyan has war-time ambiance brought through trumpets, wind instruments and interesting mix of modern techno sounds. The chorus singers sing the praise of the title character. Watch out for effective use of this track in the background score in the movie.

Karma Veeran has AR Rahman's singing along with his sister AR Rahaina. AR Rahaina's distinct voice suits this song well as she effectively complements AR Rahman's high-pitch singing. The progression of the song picks up in the first half and gradually slows down as it draws to a close during the final part. This song also has a number of lyrics highlighting the general principles to lead a good life.



Most of the songs are situational. AR Rahman has filled this album with immense richness and grandeur.  If director Soundarya's visuals do justice to these tracks, most of these songs could create mass hysteria when experienced on the big screen. 


Rating: 7.5/10

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