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Kochadaiiyaan Review - Watch for Rajini

This expensive experiment has proved one thing very clear. Rajinikanth voice and expressive dialogue delivery more than makes up for all the shortcomings one would notice on the animation department. The highlights of the movie is the precision in which Rajinikanth's stylish gait has been captured and enhanced. Rajini brings out the difference between Rana and Kochadaiyaan very well in his voice acting. (more)

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Rajinikanth dazzles in 'Kochadaiiyaan' with master strokes

While A R Rahman retains his flavour with the music, Saroj Khan, Raju Sundaram, Chinni Prakash and Shobana choreograph it impressively. What's most remarkable is how iconic actor Nagesh is resurrected through animation.Despite the lack of technical finesse, the filmmaker deserves to be applauded for taking a step towards innovation and change, and setting the ground work for 'Rana'.(more)

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A pioneering attempt which offers true entertainment in trademark Rajini style

This film wouldn't have been what it is, without the dynamic presence of Superstar Rajinikanth. His magnetic voice gives life to all those powerful dialogs penned by Ravikumar and the veteran star infests marvelous screen presence even to animated characters. (more)

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Kochadaiiyaan - Spectacular, Superstar Style

Soundarya Rajinikanth Ashwin, who debuts as director with this legendary flick. KS Ravikumar's intelligently crafted story backed by AR Rahman's music starring Deepika Padukone, Nasser, Aadhi, Jackie Shroff, Rukmmini and Shobhana with the Superstar himself, in an all new concept - 'Kochadaiiyaan' is the best of Superstar's portrayal and upcoming technology.(more)

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What works for the film seen in 2D are its overall packaging as director Soundarya Rajinikanth pays a handsome tribute to her father's awesome screen presence, dialogue delivery with punchlines. Rajinikanth, even in animated form is able to whip up the frenzy among the viewers. (more)

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Absorbing screenplay and the technology makes KOCHADAIIYAAN an interesting fare

The film, a mass entertainer to please the legion of fans of Rajinikanth, portrays the superstar in a role that does justice to his image -- a man of extraordinary abilities. And I must add, no other actor could've portrayed the archetypal superhero with such brilliance. Soundarya deserves kudos for making sure she delivers what one has come to expect from a Rajinikanth film. Additionally, right from the costumes to the armour to the overall look of the superstar, KOCHADAIIYAAN decorates the superstar luminously. (more)

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Kochadaiiyaan is a big bold step in opening new frontiers to film making

Soundarya Rajnikanth undertakes an enormous task of not only directing her superstar father, but also breaking new grounds in digital effects for any Indian film. The production values are rich and the introductory visuals catch your attention. (more)

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Needed to be full-fledged live action film

Rajinikanth was recreated to near perfection. Of course, there were certain issues with some of his physical features, but he looked overall satisfying. Most importantly, his mannerisms were intact in the animated format and that was one of the highlights of the film and it certainly gave audiences a reason to love the film at regular intervals. (more)

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Kochadaiyaan Review

Kochadaiyaan is not the work of an amateur and i give soundarya the credit of trying her hand in something so mid boggling and dangerous(more)

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Kochadiiyaan succeeds because of the writing

Once the plot kicks into gear, the narration starts to hold our attention. The songs and stunts are woven into the story and do not stick out. Like any other Rajini movie, Kochadaiiyaan too worships its star. His character appears in almost every scene and there are fan-pleasing moments in the form of stylistic gestures and dialogues. (more)

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Kochadaiiyaan - The return of the king

There are some advantages in opting for animation over live action. Some of the action scenes have the kind of sweep that is impossible to replicate with live actors � or live creatures(more)

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Tech Rajini comes out on top

Unsurprisingly, the brand name 'Rajini' has proved for the umpteenth time that his face value alone could carry a movie on his shoulders.Kochadaiiyaan has embraced technology in the best possible way, not to forget this being the very first attempt.(more)

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Debutante director Soundarya Rajinikanth Ashwin opens the film on a high note and packages the film with high-octane drama and action. The first half of the film is gripping and keeps you on the tenterhooks.(more)

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Rajinikanth deserves applaud for Kochadaiiyaan

Despite all the technological hype, it is still extremely tough to connect with the virtual characters, especially Rajini, whose larger-than-life persona cannot be captured by any path-breaking technology. (more)

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