Ithu Kathirvelan Kadhal Review - Clean fun

PUBLISHED DATE : 15/Feb/2014

Ithu Kathirvelan Kadhal Review  - Clean fun

Ithu Kathirvelan Kadhal Review  - Clean fun

Bharath Vijayakumar

The second film is the litmus test for most directors who have tasted success in their debut vehicle. S.R.Prabhakaran hit the bull’s eye with the commercially successful Sundarapandiyan. This  time he teams up with Udhayanidhi Stalin who too has to prove that OKOK was no flash in the pan. What does the director – actor has in store for us?



Kadhirvelan (Udhayanidhi) travels to Coimbatore to set things right in his sister’s life. A staunch Hanuman devotee who is disinterested in girls he however falls for Pavithra’s (Nayanthara) beauty. There are multiple stumbling blocks for him to overcome if he has to win his lady love. His brother in law is at war with Pavithra’s father, Pavithra is almost in love with someone else and then there is his father himself for whom love is an unholy word that is not even to be whispered in their house. How he overcomes these with the help of his ever dependable buddy played by Santhanam is the long story of Idhu Kadhirvelan Kadhal  (IKK) in short for you.



Udhayanidhi  Stalin continues from where he left off in OKOK. There is a certain innocent charm about him. He is reasonably good in the emotional sequences too. The dance sequences are something that he needs to take care off. It is not that he is not agile but it seems that he is too keen to prove that he is a good dancer. This consciousness that is absent in the other scenes comes to the forefront in the song sequences. IKK is one of Santhanam’s better outings in recent times. His timing is in good shape and he has managed to walk the thin line between being too subdued and going overboard really well. Nayanthara carries off her role with ease and she does look like a million bucks. The supporting cast has done a neat job.



If you can excuse the déjà vu feeling about Harris Jeyaraj’s tunes they are definitely breezy. So is their picturisation. But nothing is right about their placement. Looks like the makers might have conducted an opinion poll regarding the placement of songs and then placed them exactly opposite to what the results should have conveyed.


IKK has a fair dose of comedy. But unlike OKOK this is essentially a family drama. The supposedly serious problems in the way of Kadhirvelan easily weed out for him to succeed. While the maker has obviously wanted a light hearted treatment, more than one instance of quite a grim situation turning into fun by either a silly revelation or a dumb act might stick out for a section of the audience. That said the climax portion is something that you least expect and really cracks you up. Unlike most movies which show mostly the suburban places when the story is set in Madurai  or Coimbatore, IKK neatly presents the more modern spots in these two cities. As the scheming friend of Pavithra whose only aim is to bed her Sundar’s characterization lacks credibility. Will someone so calculated to achieve his wishes be so carefree that he blurts out so loudly his perverted opinion about women to a friend, in a crowded restaurant, in such a way that almost everyone around there can hear him?  


A fairly entertaining family drama that is worth a watch thanks to some clean fun sans vulgarity and violence.





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