Kichcha Sudeep makes a compelling point about films & promotions!

PUBLISHED DATE : 08/Feb/2023

Kichcha Sudeep makes a compelling point about films & promotions!

Sudeep Sanjeev known in the film industry as Sudeepa or Kichcha Sudeep is a Kannada movie star, who will next be seen in the multi-starrer period drama Kabzaa (March 17, 2023). Kabzaa, though a product of the Kannada film industry is a PAN Indian release, and recently Sudeepa was quizzed on how important he thinks the film promotions are, given that the subject has become a much-discussed topic in recent times.  


Talking to Galatta Plus, Sudeepa made a compelling case for film promotions when he said, "(Film) Promotions are our (movie makers') duties. No film is waiting there to be made. We make the film. And when we make the film, it's your baby right? If its our (human) child, do we just let it out in the world to survive? We teach out children little basics, then we walk with it in the world, we introduce our kid to the world... and then we let it be, correct? Then I think how different is this (for a) film?"


Sudeepa further added, "We (movie makers) need to introduce it (the film) to the world. We need to give it an introduction. We need to think and tap all the doors (through which a movie can be marketed), we need to knock all the doors, and just say 'this is so and so (film), please watch'. promotions are a must."


Kichcha Sudeep ended his take by highlighting a pertinent point about films and promotions. The Kannada actor said, "I don't see anything as an interesting package coming in, its about your personality. You should make it interesting. It (making and promoting a film) is strenuous, it is stressful. But don't you think this is a profession we have chosen? Nobody asked us to come here. If you come here (to the film industry), I say do it! How is that you just want the fruit? You don't want to water the plant."

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