Yaanai director Hari reveals reason behind movie's title

PUBLISHED DATE : 30/Jun/2022

Yaanai director Hari reveals reason behind movie's title

Director Hari whose last release was Saamy Square in 2018 is returning with a new movie titled Yaanai and the film starring Arun Vijay in the lead hits theater screens tomorrow i.e. July 1, 2022. Leading upto the release, director Hari in one of his promotional interviews has revealed the reason behind the film's animal-inspired title. 


From Yaani teaser videos, it is evident that Arun Vijay plays a family-oriented character who is also doesn't bat an lid before getting into full action mode. Hari has attested this trait of his lead character to be similar to an actual elephant. "..as long as you are letting him (Arun Vijay's character) go his way, he will carry you on his back. But if you disturb him, he'd thrash you with his legs..this is the characteristic of an elephant and that’s why we went for the title Yaanai."


Hari has also said that the problems that come to this emotional character and where they lead him are what forms the rest of the film. Drumsticks Production has bankrolled Yaanai and it is a KKR Cinemas release in theaters. 

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