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Decent Commercial Entertainer

An agmark Hari film, the man is back in action with an emotional actioner that is sure to attract its targeted family audience. He has revamped his style a bit, by improving his presentation skills, but sticking to some of his flaws too with respect to the comedy track. Racy flow is missing at places, nevertheless it�s a satisfying masala flick with a convincing story and strong performance by Arun Vijay.(more)

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Arun Vijay's Yaanai is formulaic, but watchable

Some of the characters are also interesting. If not for Lingam, Samuthirakani's Ramachandran, a casteist, self-centered rich man, would have been the antagonist of the film, and Hari builds his character's arc pretty well. Even Ravi isn't perfect, with his views constantly shifting, and Arun Vijay does a good job in putting across this character as a flawed man who means good. We see that he is a product of the casteist, patriarchal culture that he's grown up in, but will always put being humane above all else. Priya Bhavani Shankar and Radikaa score in the couple of scenes that they get while Yogi Babu impresses more in one emotionally charged scene compared to the numerous attempts at comedy.(more)

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Hari cuts screenplay pace, but this Arun Vijay-starrer is still a middling melodrama

Yaanai, however, is tedious because both the story and the screenplay lack novelty. Samuthiram (Jayabalan) and his son, Lingam, want to avenge PRV�s (Rajesh) family for the death of Lingam�s twin brother (Pandi). Ravichandran (Arun Vijay) tries to protect his family at all costs despite his half-brothers disliking him. Hari prolongs this stale story with narration-breaking duets and some patience-testing comedy tracks featuring Yogi Babu and Pugazh with lines like �Pakkathula irundhu paatha, panni maari irukaye; apram yen unakku Jimmy nu peru?� (I am not even going to expend energy in translating this).(more)

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An action drama that does what it sets out to do

Hari is known for making masala movies that feel like they�re running on adrenaline. Although there isn�t much of that going on here, there are some places where his sparks flutter. And part of that credit has to go to Vijay, for he�s not just the poster boy for muscles and forthrightness, he also plays a character that sort of speaks to the audience directly. Ravi (Vijay) gets down from his car and walks up to a grave and pays his respects in order to build a bridge for reconciliation in one of the opening scenes of Yaanai. And about half a minute later, the prime antagonist makes his entry from another corner of the screen and engages in a staring game with Ravi and the others. Everybody looks at everybody and that leads to the rise of tension in the air.(more)

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Arun Vijay's power-packed performance and Hari's strong family emotions make Yaanai a fine watch!

Yaanai was touted to be a mass action masala and when you know it is a Hari film, you tend to expect a massy action block in the interval, but what you get is something really interesting. Hari has tried to blend the elements from two of his earlier movies - Kovil and Poojai. Some of his actions have paid off well while some have not.(more)

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