Vikram yields more than 100% share in Hindi belt!

PUBLISHED DATE : 24/Jun/2022

Vikram yields more than 100% share in Hindi belt!

Among the many box-office records that Kamal Haasan starrer Vikram has been breaking, the distributor share crossing 100% in the Hindi belt seems to be the latest. Pen Movies presented Kamal Haasan's Vikram in the Hindi-speaking states and reportedly, Vikram yielded Rs. 6.1 Cr. in distributor share which is 221% of the theatrical value of Vikram (Rs. 2.75 Cr.) in that region. 


Till June 23, 2022 i.e. in its 21 days of run, Vikram managed to gross Rs. 13. 2 Cr. in the Hindi belt and the movie's Nett in these North Indian states in all languages totals upto Rs. 11. 2 Cr.


Vikram is Kamal Haasan's own production and the movie is written and directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. The movie's box-office numbers are through the roof everywhere it released and currently the film is gearing towards a worldwide gross of Rs.400 Cr.


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