One more Rajinikanth programming language - 2022 edition!

PUBLISHED DATE : 20/May/2022

One more Rajinikanth programming language - 2022 edition!

Software professionals creating programming language using punch dialogues from Rajinikanth’s movies is not a new norm and has been prevalent for over a decade and more. Some popular examples include Rajini-Lang, a toy programming language like Pascal, Treelang, Logo and PunchScript (designed by Arun Ravindran), a programming language with which one can write all kinds of non-trivial algorithms, using punchdialogues from Rajinikanth's movies. 



PunchScript FizzBuzz (All Details Here)

Now in 2022, a programmer named Aadhitya Sankar has released Rajini++, a programming language that runs on Python, wherein the syntax and keywords are based on the dialogues of the Superstar. It is worth mentioning here that none of these languages are built for enterprise-grade software development.



Rajini++ Fizz Buzz (All Details Here)

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