Ranveer would be a good option for Sarpatta remake, says Arya!

PUBLISHED DATE : 26/Jul/2021

Ranveer would be a good option for Sarpatta remake, says Arya!

Pa Ranjith directed Sarpatta Parambarai is a recently released Tamil action sports drama which has been garnering rave reviews and viewer-accolades from all quarters of the Indian movie circle. Recently in an interview, lead actor Arya who plays an aspiring boxer trying to redeem himself and his clan from years of defeat, was asked if he had someone in mind to play himself if the movie was ever remade in Hindi.


Maintaining that this is only his viewpoint and there are not necessarily any official talks going as such, Arya said he feels Ranveer Singh would be a good option for the role. Arya went on to add that the Bollywood star has those period looks as seen in movies like Ram Leela.


Interestingly, just like Arya underwent an intense body transformation for Sarpatta, back in 2013, Ranveer Singh shocked the Hindi cine audience with his chiseled washboard abs in Ram LeelaYears later, his UK-based trainer Lloyd Stevens would reveal that they achieved that 'six-pack' look despite Ranveer's packed schedule, by sometimes working out at very late hours of the night or very early hours of the morning.

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