'Vishal's a Scoundrel' - Thupparivaalan 2's former director Mysskin!

PUBLISHED DATE : 13/Mar/2020

'Vishal's a Scoundrel' - Thupparivaalan 2's former director Mysskin!

After Vishal outed a letter by Mysskin making exorbitant demands and a statement accusing the director of unprofessionalism and leaving Thupparivaalan 2 mid-way, Mysskin has addressed the topic on a public platform. Attending the launch event of a Zee5 Tamil series, Mysskin said he wasn't ready to attend any public events yet but decided to do so because he was invited by a friend. 


Mysskin did not hold back on his words while calling Vishal 'a scoundrel' and hit back at the actor's allegations stating that he had spent only Rs. 7 lakhs while scripting in the UK and asked for Vishal to prove his claim of Rs. 13 Crore spent for Thupparivaalan 2's London schedule. Mysskin further claimed,


"Vishal came to me asking for a good story since he was in a lot of debt. I had written a pan Indian story on Kohinoor diamond and another producer was ready to produce the film, but Vishal wanted to produce it after hearing the script..I had informed Vishal that the film would be of about 19 to 20 crores budget and it would only put him under more pressure..


I had also suggested that we could do this script as Thupparivaalan 3 and I can do another story that is set in India at a budget of 10 crores. But he insisted he only wants this script.."


Mysskin has alleged that he has records to prove that Vishal humiliated him and called the director and his mother names. "My mistake was giving him a story. Do you all know why it took him 10 days to release the first look? It was because he was running behind me to get the NOC..Had I gone to the producer's council with a complaint and not given him the NOC, would he be able to release the poster?", the director concluded.

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