'Have done most amount of action in Takkar', says Siddharth!

PUBLISHED DATE : 13/Dec/2019

'Have done most amount of action in Takkar', says Siddharth!

A few days ago, actor Siddharth launched the title logo of his upcoming film Takkar and director of the movie  Karthik G Krish had described it as a 'a story of two egoistic and hot-tempered characters, whose lives go through transformations after encountering each other'. Now, Siddarth in an interview to Vikatan has spilled more beans on his second film with Krish [Their first movie Shaitan Ka Bachcha awaits release].


Confirming Takkar as an action-romantic entertainer, Siddarth said, "Takkar is a youthful subject..In a romantic story, it is essential that a hero and heroine's story is as interesting individually as it is when they are together. Takkar has been made keeping that in mind..I have done more action in this film than any of the films I have acted in."

The film has Divyansha Kaushik playing female lead, Bollywood actor Abhimanyu Singh playing villain, with Yogi Babu, RJ Vignesh in important roles. Takkar is all set to release in February, 2020.

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