Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru FDFS Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 14/Jun/2013

Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru FDFS Review

Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru FDFS Review

UTV's "Theeya Velai Seyyanum Kumaru" proves two things. After 25 movies and almost 2 decades in the industry, Sundar C. has proved that he is still the director that you can trust to deliver a hit without blowing the budget, especially when it comes to comedy genre. Secondly, Santhanam's ability to resurrect countless movies one after another without showing any signs of slow-down is nothing short of a miracle. Both Sundar C. and Santhanam play their roles in making sure TVSK is a decent time-pass watch for this summer.


As a match-making consultant, (similar to the one played by Will Smith in 'Hitch') Santhanam tries to bring the hero and heroine together during the first half and switches around in the second half as he tries to separate them. Watch the movie to find out the reasons as it is probably the only novel aspect as far as the story goes.


Story, Screenplay and Direction

Sundar C. has innate ability to get the best out of comedians as proven many times. TVSK is no different as Sundar C. shows that he has successfully moved from Goundamani/Senthil to Vadivelu and now to Santhanam. After a hiatus of 5 years away from direction, Sundar C. has clearly shown that he has not lost his touch with direction and screenplay proven by Kalakalappu and now TVSK.  



As always, Santhanam is highly effective in his one-liners and continues to be is in top form. Santhanam as a love consultant brings the house down in a number of hilarious scenes, such as the one where he makes a dig at Arya's consultation fees. Santhanam has paired up well with yet another hero, Siddharth, who has played his part extremely well. Siddharth is clearly showing his intentions to reach out to mass audience with his selection of movies. In  many scenes, Siddharth has no qualms in setting up the dialogues for Santhanam to score. Hansika has strong screen-presence throughout the movie. Hansika is ebullient as she brings extra oomph and energy with her cutesy dance moves. Audience will not fail to notice why Hansika is called the  "Chinna Kushboo" in the end-credit song. The curtain falls with the entire cast dancing along with Kushboo. 


The director's choice of casting RJ Balaji and Bosskey will make you wonder whether this was done intentionally to mute down two of the strongest online critics/reviewers. RJ Balaji deserves a red carpet welcome as he makes you sit up with his introductory voice-over narration in his unique characteristic style. RJ Balaji's use of his body language and eyes show some signs of debutante anxiety while his dialogue delivery is proficient as ever. 


Technical Team

Music by C. Sathya is fresh and has given some catchy songs and tunes. The song picturization and choreography of "Azhagendral" stands out as the pick of the lot. Sathya could have avoided the heavy influence of Bollywood hit song in "Kozhu Kozhu". 'Pizza' fame Gopi Amarnath's camerawork is passable and appears to be rushed especially in both foreign location songs shot in Japan. The art direction in "loveku yes" song appears to be done creatively within limited budget.  



On the downside, the songs act as speed breakers as predictable situations lead up to expected song placement. The climax gears towards a set of stereotypical scenes such as the hero mounting numerous billboards apologizing to heroine, followed by hero rushing to the airport to stop the heroine from boarding the flight to Australia and then a quick twist leading up to the familiar accident-hospital scene. Also, the storyline and use of Santhanam will make you wonder whether TVSK is directed by Director Rajesh since the overall plot and scenes resemble OKOK, BeB and SMS. 



Despite all these oft-repeated climax scenes and predictability, one needs to give credit for Sundar C.'s intelligent writing and Santhanam's masterful delivery, which ensures audience return home satisfied. The director should also be appreciated for infusing freshness by visually bringing out the comedy elements (such as panning of camera as Bosskey's scooter breaks-down on the way to catching the bus, rumour spreading within seconds at office, references to Soodhu Kavvum in multiple scenes, etc.). 


TVSK works because of Sundar C.'s rich experience and ability to mix various comedy elements and commercial formula with strong backing from a bevy of lead actors and comedians.


Theeya Velai Senjitaanga TVSK team - 

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