MC Weekly Music Roundup: Week 8

PUBLISHED DATE : 07/Jul/2019

MC Weekly Music Roundup: Week 8

Weekly Earworm – Week 8 – 7/06/2019 | Ramesh S Kannan

Oorka band and Prashant Pillai makes a spectacular debut in Aadai and Ranarangam respectively. 


Kaapaan (Tamil): Harris Jayaraj: Siriki: Siriki is a signature Harris Jayaraj Kuthu which touches upon his all the kuthu songs from Venaam Machaan to Anjala. Devi's Veena solo is the only standout in an otherwise hackneyed tune and the arrangements while Senthil Ganesh aces the tune with his sprightly rendition.

Anthony Daasan (Tamil): Eppo Varuve: The simple folk lilting tune gets life with the impeccable rendition by Menackhi Ilayaraja and one wishes that she should be singing more in the mainstream movies. Anthony's arrangements feature a few wonderful soothing flute and clarinet solos by Kumar and the rhythm structure blends well with the vocals.

Aadai (Tamil): Oorka: Nee Vaanavilla: Oorka band reused their indie song for the movie Aadai and scores big time with excellent support from the soaring vocals of Shakthishree Gopalan. She aces the rendition which makes this sound tad better than the original one sung by Bharath Sankar. The band tweaked it brilliantly and gives the song higher punch. Pradeep Kumar's bass line deserves a special mention.


Ranarangam (Telugu): Prashanth Pillai: Seetha Kalyanam: Prashant Pillai debuts in Telugu with the spectacular song and the semi classical tinge with the playful tune works magically. Sreehari aces the renditIon while Prashant's serene arrangements make one to easily fall in love with the song.

Luca (Malayalam): Sooraj S Kurup: Kaatum: After a string of three soulful melodies, Sooraj comes up with the thumping energetic hardcore rock number. Sooraj's renditon and Sandeep Mohan's screeching guitar riffs easily makes this one works.


Pick of the week: Nee Vaanavilla, Seetha Kalyanam, Kaatum

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