Undertaker shares spotlight with Yogi Babu at Gurkha Audio Launch

PUBLISHED DATE : 18/Jun/2019

Undertaker shares spotlight with Yogi Babu at Gurkha Audio Launch

The audio launch of Gurkha, actor Yogi Babu's upcoming film as a lead took place in the presence of the whole team today and Undertaker, the Labrador which shares spotlight with Yogi Babu in the movie, made a show-stealing appearance on stage during the event.

As clearly seen in the pictures the four-legged actor had the attention of everyone on stage and off as well. The commemorative audio CD was launched in the presence of special guests like actor Siddharth and singer SPB and highlights from the event follow.

Yogi Babu's looks which have of late become the butt of jokes in the movies he does, Gurkha included and the topic was addressed by distributor Ravi Chandran and actor Siddharth. Here's what they said:

  • Ravi Chandran of Libra Productions: "..Many criticize the face and looks of Yogi Babu, but his face is the only reason why I chose to distribute Gurkha.."


  • Actor Siddharth: "..Apart from being a comedian, Yogi Babu is a wonderful actor. I don't like that people make fun of his looks. But he takes it sportively. I hope he takes care of himself. I can sense that Gurkha will be a wholesome entertainer.."

However, one editor Ruben of the producers of the film and director Sam Anton safely added:

  • Editor Ruben: "..Gurkha will have logic loopholes, wormholes, potholes and even black holes. The point of the film is to entertain everyone and I've got the confidence that our film will do that.."


  • Director Sam Anton: ".. The plan was to make a fun and crazy film. I believe we've done that.."

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