Tamil film directors condemn Vadivelu for his interview about Chimbu Devan, Shankar!

PUBLISHED DATE : 12/Jun/2019

Tamil film directors condemn Vadivelu for his interview about Chimbu Devan, Shankar!

Earlier this month, in a rare interview, actor Vadivelu had opened up on the controversy he endured during Imsai Arasan 24 AM Pulikesi where he had mentioned about his issues with director Chimbu Devan. Vadivelu had also alleged that the producers' council in the name of mediating were looking for ways to milk the situation.
The tonality of this interview seems to have left many in the film industry upset for T. Siva of Amma Creations (producer) and directors namely Venkat Prabhu, Vijay Milton, Suseenthiran, Samuthirakani among others have expressed condemnation towards the same.

In an interview to a Tamil YouTube channel, producer T. Siva has debunked Vadivelu's claim that he is 'not allowed to act' [There was a wide-spread media claim that TFPC issued a red-card for the actor in 2018]. The producer attributed Vadivelu's lack of movies is to his exorbitant salary and other demands, his unprofessional behaviour and his recent films not working with the audience.
He also warned Vadivelu of speaking unprofessionally of the producers' council in the media [referring to Vadivelu's quote of 'eating vadai and doing 'Kattapanchayathu'].

The directors on the other hand have taken offense to Vadivelu's referring to Chimbu Devan as 'Avan' [A Tamil word for referring a male without the honorific]. Here's what each of them had to say:

  • Samuthirakani: "I saw the interview of brother Vadivelu. It is saddening and condemnable to see Vadivelu use disrespectful language while talking about directors Shankar and Chimbu Deven. Not just Pulikesi, Chimbu’s creativity is evident in all of his other films too. Don’t disrespect the directors." [Note: Vadivelu referred to only Chimbu Devan as 'avan' in his interview]



  • Venkat Prabhu:  


  • SuseenthiranThe way Vadivelu has spoken about Imsai Arasan 23am Pulikesi director and producer Shankar is condemnable. Using 'avan' 'ivan' for a director while speaking is a completely wrong approach..After Pulikesi, the result (Vadivelu's contribution) of films like IndraLogathil Alagappan, Eli, Thenali Raman is known to all...As a director, I express my condemnation to Vadivelu.



  • Vijay MiltonI wonder if (a person's) stability gets muddled even years after a hammer falls on the head..We have a great love for you, Sir Neasamani..Do not spoil that by kicking and pushing the ladder.


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