Kanchana 3 Songs - Music Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 09/Apr/2019

Kanchana 3 Songs - Music Review

Kanchana 3 Songs - Music Review

Ramesh S Kannan

Kanchana 3 is an upcoming action horror comedy directed by Raghava Lawrence and is a sequel to the commercially successful Muni/Kanchana series. Raghava Lawrence continues his multi-composer format similar to Kanchana 2 where Leon James and Thama delivers exceptional music for this genre. Let's check out whether Lawrence is able to extract listenable tracks with the six relatively new composers.


Nanbanukku Koila Kattu: Nanbanukku Koila Kattu stays true to the Saravedi Saran's forte but the lyrics sound forcefully fitted to the play along tune and the background ticks off everything one can expect from the Chennai gaana song but surprisingly sounds less garish and entertaining till it lasts if one can turn back on the lyrics part.


Kaadhal Oru Vizhiyil: Srilanka based composers Raj thillaiyampalam and Kapilan Kugavel makes their Kollywood debut with Kadhal Oru Vizhiyil and Neha Venugopal effortlessly renders the pleasant melody which is likeable till it lasts. The breezy melody is backed by Saroja's Dilruba and Madhan Karky's verses. Though the tune sounds familiar, the singing and the hummable melody makes it listenable.


Kaali Kaali: Kaali Kaali is straight out of Imman's familiar template and one wishes that composer Sai Bharath could have attempted for Imman's melody rather than his usual loud percussion laden punchy soundtrack. Apart from Dhivagar Santosh's energetic rendition, the track has very little to offer.


Oru Sattai Oru Balpam: Saravedi Saran comes up with another gaana track Oru Sattai Oru Balpam, filled with off-putting lyrics by the composer himself and nevertheless, the tune sufficiently serves the purpose. Srinidhi's vocals fit the bill perfectly but one truly wishes for the better lyrics.


Shake Yo Body: In Shake Yo body, composed by Jesse Samuel and sung by himself starts off interestingly with the casual Goan percussion but soon spirals down into techno song which fails to hit the right note. The arrangements are patchy especially with respect to the interludes and rhythm. The tune also meanders randomly, especially in the charanam portions.


Rudra Kaali: The multi-composer soundtrack ends with the mandatory high octane song of Muni/Kanchana series and Rudra Kaali is no different with the loud templatized track where Renjith Unni, Pavan and Velu tries hard to engage with their sprightly rendition.


Verdict: Raghava Lawrence's Multi-composer attempt for Kanchana 3 backfires and the album lacks even single memorable song.


Rating: 2/5

Pick of the Album: Kaadhal Oru Vizhiyil

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