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A Film Strictly Catering To 'Kanchana' Fans!

With a few laughs here and there and even fewer scary moments, the majority audiences might not enjoy Kanchana 3 as much as they enjoyed the previous parts. The songs not working among audiences is a major minus and so is the tediously long second half. If there were major changes made to this half, it could have been a more entertaining watch for its fans. Nevertheless, a section of the Kanchana fans would still find some fun in this 'not so fresh' horror comedy that has barely anything to offer. The brand 'Kanchana' might just save this ordinary popcorn flick but it is quite obvious that the forthcoming sequels would require more content and engagement.(more)

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Raghava Lawrence Busts Our Eardrums In The Most Tiresome Entry In The 'Kanchana' Franchise

The very existence of Kanchana 3 (or Muni 4, depending on how you look at it) - with a high-pitched Kovai Sarala screaming above the pounding drums in the background score - may be cause enough for stomach-churning dread. But at least with this franchise, writer-director Ragava Lawrence has a loyal fan base - so all complaints from critics may be redundant. In theory, I am a fan of mixing humour and horror. I just wish they worked more on the writing. I just wish they didn't think Soori introducing himself as "rowdy industry la upcoming rowdy" was enough to reduce us to helpless laughter. I can live with the non-existent craft in these films, but is it too much to ask a horror-comedy to have some quality horror and some quality comedy?(more)



Horror comedy has been the franchise's calling card, but this time, these scenes feel repetitive and infantile.

The franchise has previously empowered the marginalised, like transgenders and disabled, through the backstory. But this time, rather than seem like empowerment, this section feels like exploitation of the underprivileged to boost the image of its star. We had other actors playing these sympathetic characters in the previous films, but here, the star himself chooses to play the saviour, confirming our suspicion.(more)

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A loud, preposterous, offensive horror-comedy

'Kanchana 3' is an exasperating watch. The three-hour-long film, thankfully, ends at some point. When it does, you try hard to crawl out of the theatre. But Raghava Lawrence stops you right there and announces Kanchana 4 aka Muni 5. Now that's a line that sends chills down your spine.(more)

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Trademark 'pei' film from Raghava Lawrence

Kanchana 3 is the trademark 'pei' film from Raghava Lawrence. So those who liked Kanchana/Muni franchise will certainly like this one too. Others can stay away!(more)

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Raghava Lawrence's horror film has the same cliches that worked for its predecessors

Kanchana 3 at the theatre where I watched the film. There was loud whistling and clapping as Lawrence and his screen mother Kovai Sarala brought the house down with their antics.(more)

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Raghava Lawrence's film is loud, annoying and barely entertaining horror-thriller

Kanchana 3, which is loud, annoying and barely entertaining, should ideally be the last film of the franchise. But Lawrencce has other plans as he announces the next part towards the end of this film. That thought is scarier than this film.(more)

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New horror comedy by Raghava Lawrence is just another Muni

If you have seen Muni, you have seen all the films in Raghava Lawrence's horror-comedy series. Kanchana 3 is Lawrence's laziest and the most problematic film of the successful franchise.(more)

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Genre Cliches Make This Third Installment In The Franchise Boring

And, much as I do admire Raghava Lawrence's use of the mass elements, does he really have to play Kaali? Couldn't a different actor � (Rajkiran was the first Muni, Sarathkumar was the first Kanchana) � be better in that role?(more)

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A masala-filled usual commercial film that never excites or engages you!

Kanchana 3 is a weakly made, over the top masala filled commercial drama that might interest you if you found Kanchana 2 to be your favourite. If you did not like Kanchana 2, you are going to have a tough time coping up with this third franchise of the Kanchana series. (more)

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Strictly Meant For Kanchana Franchise Lovers!

Kanchana 3 has all the ingredients that aligns with the taste of the followers of this franchise. For them, it is rightly a decent watch.(more)

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Kanchana 3 Review

'Kanchana-3' is strictly a rip-off of known things. Lawrence should seriously stop clinging to the genre, and similar characterizations. It's all too jaded. The Kollywood flavour is too heavy.(more)

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