Velaikkaran: Arivu's Kuppam FM inspired from real life

PUBLISHED DATE : 27/Feb/2018

Velaikkaran: Arivu's Kuppam FM inspired from real life

Siva Karthikeyan had essayed the role of Arivu in Velaikkaran directed by Mohan Raja. Slum-resident Arivu (Sivakarthikeyan) who happens to be a socially-conscious person sets up a community radio in his area of ‘Kolaikaran’ Kuppam. 


Arivu (Shivakarthikeyan) sets up a community radio highlighting the happenings in the community and aims to help people come out of a life of crime.


Mohan Raja has revealed on his Twitter page that the concept of community radio used in Velaikkaran movie was inspired by a real-life person 'Misael Avelino dos Santos'.



Misael Avelino dos Santos' who revolutionized Brazilian slum in 1980's educatin ppl thru community radio was d actual inspiration for 'Arivu's Kuppam fm'. N it's a tribute to gr8 initiatives in Indian villages past 10 yrs incl mop vaishnav n Anna Univ comm radios tat r doin gr8” tweeted Mohan Raja


More about Misael Avelino dos Santos's community radio

Radio Favela was started by a group of young black men in the beginning of 1980’s in a small poor town named Aglomerado da Serra in Belo Horizonte in Brazil. They named it FAVELA, which actually is a name for a slum, poor places filled with violence, drug dealing, murders etc. their aim was to connect people from the slum, to fight against violence and to stop drug dealing.

Furthermore, radio station turned out to become indispensable tool for the community that fought against poverty, severe electrical cuts, no running water and more. Favela radio station became a medium helping to locate missing children, calling ambulances for the injured and ill, locating the families, giving information for important issues.

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