Aval 's horror will strike Piracy supporters, says Siddharth

PUBLISHED DATE : 03/Nov/2017

Aval 's horror will strike Piracy supporters, says Siddharth

Aval 's horror will strike Piracy supporters, says Siddharth

The Tamil cine industry has time and again tried to reiterate the concept of anti-piracy for its film viewers but no matter what steps they take, a certain section of the audience (including the well-educated ones) continues to consume and endorse pirated versions of films. Clearly exhausted with new means (to educate people about anti-piracy), actor Siddharth who is also the producer of his new Tamil film Aval gave out this statement, which would make you laugh-cringe (laugh because its funny and cringe because of what it has come down to, to stop people from causing financial losses to film-makers):

"..No matter how much we say or cry, there will be a group which would be hell-bent on watching the movie on phone or VCD. All I want to tell them is, this (Aval) is such an incredible film. Please go watch it in theatres or do not watch at all. In case you wish to watch the film on a phone or a laptop, I sincerely pray to God and to the Devil that the horrendous ghost from my film come to your home and chase you to death because I don't know how else to tell you people.."

The Boys actor who seemed to be frustrated with the piracy gang's usual retorts went on to add

"And to those who stupidly ask, "You are a cinema-fellow, you earn a lot, so what if we do piracy" please don't speak like ignorant and understand that this (a film) is the hard-word and life of lakhs of people. Today not only cinema-making but also releasing it has become a huge task. A lot of people don't get their invested returns on a film. "

Siddharth, whose Aval has hit theatre screens today concluded 

"So please watch the movie in theatres or do not watch at all. If you watch otherwise, Aval will kill you. Thanks"


Watch the video of Siddharth speaking here

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