Dora Review - For the kid in you

PUBLISHED DATE : 01/Apr/2017

Dora Review - For the kid in you

Dora Review - For the kid in you

Bharath Vijayakumar


A spirit out there to seek revenge.

Nayanthara is welcomed on screen with wolf whistles by the audience. Not the kind of wolf whistle that the male populace  with a raging testosterone usually reserve for the heroine introduction but the kind usually reserved for our heroes. You pinch yourself in disbelief !!!

The film has a quiet start. We are introduced to the father - daughter duo of Thambi Ramiah - Nayanthara. Both are supposedly very innocent and fun loving and do things that some of us might feel cute while some of us might have a harsher word for the same. Nayanthara plays these portions remarkably well. It is not great histrionics on display but a little slip and these initial portions would have annoyed us. She does the cute girl antics with a certain panache that you have to give it to her. The later portions have her doing something that our mass heroes have patented long back. Walk in slo-mo to a pulsating BGM after winning a tussle and she actually nails it.

The film gathers momentum after the reveal of the spirit. The sequences that follow are predictable but there is definitely some sort of emotional attachment that we develop. It helps that we have a female protagonist doing the action, which provides some novelty. But a little more inventiveness would have helped. The final showdown is straight out of our age old masala routine.


Coming to what could actually be the major undoing for the film. Aptly titled 'Dora', this actually works like a kids film that they would enjoy. Cats, dogs, a potent car and what not. The crux that is the reason for the revenge is what could have got the film the 'A' certificate and this is the irony of Dora. An essentially simplistic film for the kids has to be viewed by those who are 18+.


A well made film for its target audience. But the irony is that they shouldn't be watching it.

Rating: 2.75/5


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