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Nayanthara and the car manage to save a cliched, horror-revenge saga, to an extent!

Though the story is very much a beaten topic, the interesting usage of elements like car and dog by Doss Ramasamy is appreciable and will connect well with the audience. Confined writing, engaging screenplay, and avoiding of unnecessary humour would've helped the film to a greater extent.(more)

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Overall Dora is a decent spirit revenge thriller, gets it right in parts

The film again falls into the category of "Could have been better" flicks letdown by flimsy sequences which has no place in this story line. To quote, a comical Thambi Ramiah dancing in front of the ghostly car just when they find the horror behind it is very irrelevant. Scenes like these let down the essence of the movie. A police station scene involving Harish and Nayan has come out rather well, completely inspired by 'Anniyan' movie without a doubt. Dora fails in trying to bring in the spooky horror moments rather too dramatically, some of the scenes looked to be shot in haste and appears rather unnecessary, and clipping them would definitely make sense. The way the possessed car reaches Nayan, which forms the crux of the story could have been portrayed in a more convincing manner. The A certification might be due to its gory take on abuse in the flashback and some violence"(more)

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This Nayanthara film drowns in its own mediocrity

Apart from Nayanthara, who shines in a few scenes, the rest of the cast falls flat. A loud-mouthed Thambi Ramaiah, who used to be fun, is a pain to watch, and he badly needs a strongly written character to bounce back. Harish Uthaman, too, struggles to make a difference in a cop�s role. Music by Vivek-Mervin duo is probably the best thing to have happened to Dora, and couple of songs stand out, especially the Run Baby Run track.(more)

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Dora Movie Review

Nayanthara tries to shoulder the film and succeeds to an extent. The music by duo Vivek-Mervin is another positive of the film, apart from the actress� one man show. But, overall, Dora is let down by a predictable screenplay and weak scenes that have enough loopholes.(more)

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