Kodi Songs - Music Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 06/Oct/2016

Kodi Songs - Music Review

Kodi Songs - Music Review

Ramesh S Kannan

Kodi is one of the highly anticipated movies of Dhanush directed by R S Durai Senthil kumar of Ethir Neechal fame. Santosh Narayanan composes music for the flick instead of Anirudh, director's usual collaborator. Let's check out whether Santosh Narayanan able to continue his magic after his blockbuster Kabali.


Kodi Parakkudha: Kabali's hangover mixed with Porkalam swag is evident in the Kodi Parakkudha and Arun Kamaraj along with Dhanush delivers the song with enough angst and energy. Though the tune is pretty ordinary, Santosh Narayanan's effectual mix of Vijay's trumpets being the undeniable highlight along with the quite a quirky sounds.


Ei Suzhali ✔: Ei Suzhali starts with the crowing sounds and what follows is the trademark Santosh Narayanan sounds with the whiff of Iraivi in the tone of the song. Santosh Narayanan throws generously uncluttered synth sounds, brief slide guitar strums by Pradeep Kumar and the unconventional tune is handled by Vijay Narain effortlessly.


Ariraro: Ariraro, serene lullaby rides mainly on the evergreen vocals of K S Chitra crooning the moving Vivek lyrics and though the tune as a standalone doesn't sound great, the soul of the song lies in the passionate evergreen vocals of Chitra and the resonating rich Macedonian string section by Pradeep Kumar.


Sirukki Vaasam ✔: Sirukki Vaasam is another upbeat melody crooned by Swetha Mohan and Anand Aravindakshan who sounds like Pradeep Kumar. Santosh Narayanan's contrasting orchestration dominated by TapassNaresh's drums and fabulous bass line by Napier Peter Naveen is the highlight. The unstructured melody sounds clumsy in the initial listen, the rich orchestration and vocals make up for the minor grouse.


Vettu Pottu: Vettu Pottu has once again an enticing mix of folk and electronic syth sounds led by the 4 Idiots Indian percussion and song has an ample support from Bala's Nadaswaram. However, the engaging orchestration is mixed with the weak tune and the song is elevated by the punchy vocals of ever reliable Shankar Mahadevan.


Santosh Narayanan's experiments with the orchestration works like a charm across the album, however, the tunes are inconsistent and could have been better.


Rating: 2.75/5

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